Combating Low Yields During COVID-19: Getting the Most out of Your Well While You’re Spending More Time at Home

April 23, 2020 | Low-Yield Well Info, Water Demand Solutions

Amid government shutdowns, social distancing and quarantine efforts, as well as numerous work-from-home arrangements all over the world, COVID-19 has prompted nearly everyone to embrace a “new” normal. With this predicament comes more time spent in the house — a necessary safety precaution that, for better or worse, has ushered homeowners and their families into a time of mandated togetherness. 

What undoubtedly tips the scale to the more undesirable side is when things we depend on around the home begin to go bust. From appliances to utilities, we rely on so much to keep our daily schedule in line and our at-home comfort at optimal levels. As such, the more we utilize these things, the sooner and more frequently we are subject to something not working quite right. The most detrimental of these issues may be your home’s supply of potable water — more specifically, your water well’s yield. 

Symptoms of a Low-Yield Well

Most homeowners who get their water from a well know that low-water yields can be both a significant issue and an unrelenting stressor for the entire family. If you have a low-yield well, you’ll most likely experience at least one of the following:

Running out of water. Everything may seem fine for a while: You’ve got plenty of water and pressure. But, after some time, flow and pressure taper off dramatically. If you turn off your water and sit tight, everything recovers eventually.

Low water pressure. This dilemma is more readily apparent. For example, the shower dribbles instead of sprays, or the sink spurts a bit instead of emitting a stable stream.

Dead pumps. Your water pumps don’t last long before they burn out.

If these, or any other related and less-than-ideal situations apply to you, it may be time to take advantage of a Well Manager System.

What Is a Well Manager System?

Well Manager® systems help homeowners and property managers manage and store well water by using a calculated approach to ensure that even wells with lower water-yields provide adequate running water to the property. In essence, these advanced systems allow you to do more with less, utilizing cutting-edge plumbing technology to restrict and store water. Take a look at a few key advantages below:

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