The Environmental Impact of Hydrofracking vs Well Manager® System

January 19, 2021 | Environmental Impact, Well Drilling Alternatives

Homeowners that rely on a low-yielding well consistently deal with water flow issues. They have to monitor how much water they use throughout the day, staggering laundry, cooking, and showering needs so they do not overtax their already depleted well and have it run dry. People have developed ways to manage their wells’ overall yield so that their water needs can be met. Two popular options that have emerged to combat these water problems have been hydrofracking and installing a Well Manager® system. However, not all water solutions are created equal and, in some cases, can have a net negative impact on the environment. 


One of the most common ways of stimulating well water flow and production comes from hydrofracking. The process involves creating new fissures in the rock formations within the well to create more water flow and increase the overall yield. Hydrofracking utilizes highly pressurized water injected into the existing well to create these new fissures. However, through the fracking process, the potential for groundwater contamination rises significantly, negatively affecting the quality of your home’s water supply and the surrounding environment. So while the well’s yield does improve, the results are not guaranteed to be effective and the potential environmental cost remains high. 

Well Manager® System

A Well Manager® system offers homeowners a green alternative to hydrofracking that is guaranteed to work. While hydrofracking looks to alter the basic structure of a low-yielding well, our system works to maximize the current yield and ensure that your family doesn’t experience interruptions throughout their day. Instead of merely relying on a backup water tank to handle the ebbs and flows of household water demands, our system works to maximize the water harvested from the well and the overall harvesting frequency. By keeping these components as efficient as possible, our systems ensure that your low-yield wells become as effective and safe from overpumping as possible. 

While dealing with low yielding wells can prove troublesome for homeowners across the board, they do have options available to address the problems. However, some of the consequences associated with these solutions are too great to ignore. That is why choosing to go with a Well Manager® system provides you with the kind of water yield your home needs while also leaving as limited an impact on the environment as possible! Contact Well Manager to schedule an appointment today!