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Dealing With Droughts And Wildfires — How A Wild Year Affects Your Well Water Supply

Dealing with Droughts and Wildfires — How A Wild Year Affects Your Well Water Supply

2020 has been a year filled with challenge after challenge for everyone. A dry beginning to the year plunged California back into a drought with far-reaching consequences throughout the year. The most recent of these consequences are the ongoing wildfires throughout the state. With these harsh conditions, wondering about the long term effects of the drought and wildfires on your well and water supply can cause acute anxiety for homeowners that rely on wells for their water supply. Droughts and wildfires have long term effects and negative impacts, such as low water pressure in your house, especially with a well

Drought Season

Droughts have a long and storied history of negatively impacting the yields of wells. With naturally occurring wells, regular rainfall is often required to replenish the well’s water supply. Extreme droughts limit how a well can replenish itself, and households run the risk of overpumping their wells and draining their supply without changing their water consumption habits. 

With droughts, homeowners have to navigate a tricky situation where their home water supply is not as reliable as it once was. Several water conservation techniques can help mitigate the problem; however, with the current drought only exacerbating the state’s wildfires, you may require outside assistance for help. 

Wildfire Effects

Due to California’s geographic profile, wildfires have always posed somewhat of a threat to wells throughout the state. However, as the concerns over wildfires increase, drought conditions worsen and drastic changes to our environment can cause problems for your well. The fallout from wildfire damage can lead to water contamination and increased chances of lower water pressure in your well, especially in low-yielding wells. 

Finding ways to ensure that your home’s water supply remains steady after a wildfire is crucial as you begin to return to normalcy. With the environmental conditions potentially changing how much pressure you get out of the well, having a Well Manager® system installed can prove beneficial to regulating that steady supply of water throughout your home. 

How A Well Manager® System Can Help

With a low-yield well, you want to have a system in place that can adapt to drought conditions and keep your home’s water supply running smoothly. Such a system should take what the low-yielding well gives and still offer a safe and steady supply of usable water for all of your home’s varying needs. A Well Manager® does just that through maintaining a consistent water pressure, offering overpumping protection, and keeping a steady backup supply should the need arise.

Well Manager aims to provide our customers with products that immediately offer solutions for their wells’ low water pressure. Contact the Well Manager team to learn more about the Well Manager® line of products today!

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