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Our Mission

Our mission at Well Manager is to give you more water and better performance from low-yielding wells and water systems.

We accomplish our mission by offering products designed to:

  • provide better plumbing performance from wells considered grossly inadequate or even unusable only a short time ago;
  • remove the harmful effects of radon contamination from low-yield wells and city water supplies; and
  • enhance the yield from inadequate city water systems.

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Fulfilling this mission means, in some cases, developing sustainable water sources for people who do not currently have one because it is not possible to construct an adequate well where they live. In other cases, it requires an engineered system because the well cannot supply the peak demand need of the connected building or buildings.

Well Manager has the largest available family of patented, engineered, off-the-shelf solutions, and our product line not only includes products for people with wells, but we also have solutions for those unhappy with the performance of municipal water systems.

As of today, there are approximately 1500 Well Manager systems in the field.

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Well Manager’s History

Established in 2017 as a producer of low-yield, low-pressure water well solutions, today the company has expanded to provide solutions to water supply issues experienced by both well and city water users, and we specialize in providing a solution to remove radon gas from low-yield wells.

Well Manager – Since 2017

Born in the Sourland Mountain region of New Jersey, an area notorious for low-yield wells, Well Manager understands the hardships an inadequate water supply can create. It is this understanding, together with years of experience dealing with inadequate water sources, that inspired the development of our products from our inception through to the present day.

The first Well Manager was developed in the 1990s by Andy Reid of Reid Plumbing Products. Well Manager purchased Reid Plumbing Products in March of 2017 and began Well Manager LLC.

Today Well Manager offers a range of products to address the issues of low-yield, low-pressure wells, inadequate city water supply systems, and water radon mitigation.

Find the Product that Meets your Needs

In addition to providing low-yield water well solutions, Well Manager also provides city water solutions and emergency showers and eyewashes. Let us help you find the product that’s right for you.