Why Well Manager? Why Us?

Well Manager Offers the Largest Selection of Products Designed to Address Well Water Pressure Problems

Our Core Values

  1. Customers are our priority
    • We work until we have a solution to your water problem
    • We are available for consultation and technical support
    • We price systems fairly with the consumer in mind
  2. We build and design with integrity
    • We use high quality parts and use state of the art technology when it’s the most useful
    • We thoroughly run test each system before shipment
    • We build to last and have units in the field that are over 13 years old
  3. We believe in being a good steward of water resources and that everyone should have access to water
    • We design Well Manager systems to protect the aquifers
    • We encourage conservation with our patented design
    • We support organizations that are providing clean water to developing countries


The Well Manager Mission

Why Well Manager? Because the mission of the team here at Well Manager is to find ways to get more water and provide better plumbing performance from wells considered grossly inadequate or even unusable only a short time ago. In some cases this means developing sustainable water sources for people who do not currently have one, because it is not possible to construct an adequate well using traditional methods. In other cases an engineered system is required because the well cannot supply the peak demand need of the connected building or buildings.

The result of this history is that Well Manager now offers the largest selection of off-the-shelf, engineered products designed to get more water from inadequate wells available anywhere.

To discuss your water issues with us now, please call 800-211-8070 or complete our Get Water Help Form.

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