3 Reasons to Invest in a Well Manager® Storage Tank

August 8, 2018 | Well Manager Product Info

Having a well is a great way to be environmentally friendly, save on water costs, and consistently provide your home with chemical-free water for everyday use. Unfortunately, the consistency with which a well can provide your home with water is based on the location, climate, and rainfall that the area around your house many experience within any given time period. Because of a well’s reliance on these other factors and the fact that they affect its performance so drastically, it’s difficult to know if your well may always provide enough water for even simple tasks in your home.

Here at Well Manager, we have created a line of products which we fittingly call, “Well Manager®.” Our Well Manager® products are storage tanks for extra water. They are designed like an insurance program for your well — if your well has nothing to offer, then your storage tank will kick in and provide the water you need to go about your day like usual. The three storage tanks we offer are the Well Manager® 210CPV, the Well Manager® 210CPH, and the Well Manager® 210CPLH. Each of these three units can fit almost anywhere, have a user-friendly setup, and boast fantastic performance.

Fit Anywhere

All of our Well Manager® products are designed to fit in your door and provide a significant amount of water storage. These products are offered in three different layouts so that your storage tank can fit wherever you have space for it. Our tallest storage product is only 73” high. The other two products are only 39” high, making them ideal units for crawl spaces.

User-Friendly Setup

We pride ourselves on offering products with a remarkably easy, user-friendly build and setup process. One of the best factors about these products is that all wiring connections come in just one box. We also offer a step-by-step guide to installation, setup, and maintenance. This manual allows users to troubleshoot and fix issues on their own. Of course, if you experience any major problems, we are happy to help you service your well storage system.

Amazing Performance

All of our well water storage systems offer exceptional performance, even if your well doesn’t produce a lot of water. These systems maximize the amount of water you can get out of very average wells and do so without you ever having to think about it. All three of these products are remarkably quiet, a piece of great feedback we get from our customers almost daily.

Always Have Water

When it comes to water, you should always have access to at least the basics. Whether it’s getting a shower, making a cup of coffee, or just having a glass of water, your well should always be able to provide you with enough water. Purchasing our Well Manager® storage tank for well water can make sure that is always the case. To learn more about our products or to receive a quote, call 800-211-8070 today.