Increase water pressure. Reliable, consistent performance.

If you’re experiencing problems with water pressure and you have city water, your first instinct may be to call a plumber. However, the problem might not be clogged pipes. A “boost” may be what you need. Check out our city water solutions below.

MuniBoost Water System


The MuniBoost is a compact, 210-gallon tank that restores water pressure and volume in city/municipal supplies. Preassembled and easy to install, the MuniBoost saves you time and improves the performance of your home appliances.

This system is small enough to fit through a 24” door—but big enough to deliver real results in your home.

RO Re-Pressurization Unit - Well Manager


Radon, a radioactive gas that is odorless and invisible to the naked eye, is a public health concern when present in your drinking water. The Radon Watcher System reduces radon gas in your water by 96 to 99%. It is a complete system and comes ready to install. It also mitigates methane and sulfur from your water, too. 

The Radon Watcher works with a low-yield well water system to boost your water volume and pressure while making sure your water is radon free. This is a single system so there’s no need for multiple systems!

RO Re-Pressurization Unit - Well Manager


Due to the increasing demand for improved water quality, many people turn to large, reverse osmosis (RO) systems. While RO systems filter out harmful contaminants, these types of systems may cause water pressure issues.

Well Manager’s RO Re-Pressurization System can solve problems caused by undersized or intermittent water service or complicated water treatment equipment.  To improve water volume and pressure, customers install our RO re-pressurization system.