The Most Common Causes of a Low-Yield Well

September 3, 2020 | Low-Yield Well Info

For many homeowners, low-yield wells represent a source of constant headaches. You have to stay mindful of how you are using your well water and how much you are using during a day, and it causes a persistent form of anxiety for you. While products such as a booster pump for well water systems can help remedy the issues, what exactly makes a well a low-yield compared to other wells? How can you tell what the specific cause is for your well? Here are some of the most common causes of a low-yield well. 

All About the Aquifer

An aquifer is a naturally occurring underground rock formation that becomes saturated with groundwater. A majority of wells tap into some form of an aquifer to provide homes with water. As the aquifers are drained of water, they are naturally replenished to keep the cycle going. However, not all aquifers are created equal. 

The effectiveness of each aquifer depends on the type of rock. Some rocks are more porous than others, thus allowing water to travel more freely through it. This freedom enables homes to have a steady stream of water for their needs and the aquifer to have easier access to fresh water. 

Confined aquifers have a layer of less porous material on top, such as clay or a less permeable type of rock. This layer prevents a free flow of water from the aquifer to the well mechanism to your home. 

Too Much of a Good Thing

For most households, your well covers the water usage across a whole host of daily water needs. Between showers, sinks, washing machines, flushing toilets, and kitchen cleanup, your well does a lot of heavy lifting throughout the day. With this type of usage, your well is run through a gauntlet. As your home water usage rises, the less time your well has to replenish it’s supply. The overly heavy usage leads to a cycle of your well rarely having enough water to cover all of your needs and leading to increased levels of anxiety as you try to micro-manage water usage. 

While there are some aspects to the low-yield well you cannot change, there are still ways that you can combat it and make the most of the situation. By installing a Well Manager® system with water storage tanks for your wells, you can begin to fight these low-yield wells and lessen the anxiety caused by these daily interruptions.

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