Is Your Well Ready for Summer 2020?

July 2, 2020 | Water Demand Solutions

Summer vacations look drastically different this summer. With the world still mostly shut down due to the coronavirus ,and usual vacation spots facing restrictions and closures, countless family vacations have been put on hold. Though you may still want to give your family a semblance of an authentic summer experience with a “Staycation,” there are some things to consider. 

With your entire family spending more time at home this summer, your well may be facing more strain than it already does, even during the driest of summers. If your well is already a low-yielding well, this summer may prove devastating for you and your family. However, with a Well Manager® system installed, you can better manage your water supply and get more out of your well pressure tank. And with our new Summer Special, getting a Well Manager® system is easier than ever!

With a Well Manager® system installed, you can keep your kiddie pool filled, set up the Slip ‘N Slide, and have the sprinklers turned on for summer fun without worrying about your water pressure dropping! Now that your college student is forced to do their summer program online, and the younger ones aren’t going out for summer camp, there is more stress placed on your well to cover the extra showers, laundry, and cooking-related cleanup. Your Well Manager® system helps maintain and increase well water pressure across the board and keep up with the demand your well will have this summer.  

The Well Manager Summer Special will get your well the help it needs to keep serving your family throughout the summer, and even into the rest of the year! Your well will see improvements across the board, and your family will experience far less stress caused by the water pressure dropping during the middle of their shower. Keeping the water pressure at a level where everyone in your household has enough water for daily tasks has never been simpler! 

Contact our sales department today to find out how much money you can be saving on your new Well Manager® system today!