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Well Watcher

Increase Water Pressure Affordably

Well Manager is proud to provide solutions for homeowners who are frustrated by not being able to get enough water from their low yield well to perform daily tasks like doing the laundry or taking a shower.

Our Well Manager system offers a complete and fully-integrated solution for homeowners. We now also offer a product aimed at providing a more easily affordable solution for water well management.

Meet the Well Watcher. This unit is built on the same platform as the Well Manager, but with fewer ‘bells and whistles’. As a result, it’s offered at a lower price point.

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Here’s a brief look at some of the key features of this system:

Gives You the Water You Need, Right When You Need It

  • The Well Watcher is a complete well management system for wells that yield as little as .20 gallons per minute
  • Allows you to manage your water usage
  • Stores additional water in case of emergencies

Maintains Consistent Water Pressure

  • Delivers consistent water pressure of 60 psi up to 4 gallons per minute and up to 10 gallons per minute at 50 psi
  • Monitors the well pump current and shut down automatically in the event of a dry run, preventing damage to your pump

Versatile Fit Options

Fits just about anywhere you need it to. Takes up less space than a large chest freezer. Will fit through a 24″ door (with brackets removed). It is available in all of the following orientations:

  • Vertical Orientation: 26″W x 45″D x 74”H
  • Horizontal Orientation: 26”W x 67”L x 49”H
  • Low Horizontal Orientation: 37”W x 67”L x 37”H
  • Rectangular Shape for More Water Storage

Tank Meets FDA Regulations for Potable Water

  • With extra-heavy-duty walls, the Well Watcher meets FDA regulations for potable water.



300 lbs


45 inches


26 inches


74 inches


1/2 hp



Max Amps




Max Flow Rate


Min. Incoming Pressure


Max. Output Pressure

50-70psi/60psi constant

Gallons Per Minute


Inlet Diameter

1 inch

Outlet Diameter

1 inch


Comparison to Well Manager System

Both the Well Watcher system and the Well Manager are designed to give you consistent water pressure while protecting your well and keeping as much water in the ground as possible. The Well Manager collects water directly from your well by using a timing circuit, while the Well Watcher collects water from your pressure tank through a solenoid valve controlled by a float in the storage tank. In either case, you set the water collection rate.


Well Manager Systems in their entirety are warranted for one year by Well Manager, LLC. Some components are covered by a longer warranty through the individual component manufacturer. Those warranty periods are detailed below.

Well Manager pump® control panel

2 Years date of sale

Polyethylene and Polypropylene Tanks installed inside buildings

3 Years from date of sale against defects in workmanship & materials

Pressure Pump Warranty
Dominator (LPC) Pumps

Franklin .5 – 1.5 HP

1 Year from date of sale

2 Years from date of sale


5 Years – all but heat related failure

Well-X-Trol Pressure Tanks

5 Years

Cycle Stop® Valves

1 Year

Sheet Metal Drip Pans – rust thru

2 Years when installed as directed

Well Manager® Systems CP Modules

All Parts 1 Year, some components longer – see above


PDF Download - More Information

Product Information Sheet

PDF Download - More Information

Product Brochure

Have a Question?

Our experts are ready to answer any questions you have about our well management systems. Get in touch and let us know how we can help:

Phone: 800-211-8070

or use our Get Water Help Form

“The main difference with the Well Manager is water pressure. We get more pressure with longer use of water from many outlets.”


Background: A large home under ten years old. Wells in the neighborhood were suffering.

Before Well Manager we couldn’t run the dishwasher and the washer at the same time! Now we can shower, wash clothes, run the dishwasher and have plenty of water!! We even installed a sprinkler system for our lawn. This has been possible only with the Well Manager.”


Background: Tom lives in an area notorious for poor wells. The neighbors run out if they are not careful.

“Under heavy demand the well would run dry. The recharge rate is ½ gpm. The Well Manager provides all the water that we need daily and always has lots of extra water on hand. Our tanks are usually always full.”


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