How Well Manager Can Help Your Low Yield Wells Through Extended Droughts

October 22, 2020 | Water Drought Solutions, Well Manager Product Info

The frequency of droughts has increased in the United States over the past 50 years. The western and southern states have experienced the most severe effects of this uptick in droughts, where they have begun to last for more extended periods in recent years. Usually, the winter months would provide some respite for these regions; the increased precipitation in the winter helps bring about an end to the drought. However, with the increased temperatures across the United States, the temperatures are remaining higher for longer. The chilly temperatures and precipitation are coming later in the year, making for more extended periods of droughts. 

For homeowners that rely on low-yield wells and well pump pressure switches for their home water supply, extended drought conditions can make having a consistent water supply and pressure a challenge. However, with Well Manager’s help, you can help better manage your well water even during an extended drought!

Combating Extended Drought Effects

One of the significant ways that droughts impact the low-yield well is its inherent ability to replenish its water supply. The aquifers that supply the well with water will replenish over time. Still, in areas where there isn’t a steady supply of replacement water generated through regular rainfall, for example, then it takes aquifers a longer time to naturally replenish wells. With a Well Manager® system in place, your home can begin to counteract the effects of a prolonged drought and provide your home with a steady supply of water. 

A Well Manager® system can operate with wells with a lower reservoir capacity and can store additional water as a backup within the mechanism. Having the ability to store other backups helps keep the system running efficiently, especially when the aquifer is still waiting for natural groundwater replenishment. If you are worried about the system dry pumping and causing potential damage, fear not! The Well Manager® system protects you well from dry running. 

Clean, Usable, and Pressurized Water Under the Most Adverse Conditions

Droughts are a natural climate phenomenon that humanity has had to contend with for generations. Before, we would have to figure out low-tech ways of dealing with our homes’ dwindling water supply. However, thanks to the Well Manager® system, homeowners can ensure that they continue to live their lives with a steady supply of drinking water and pressurized water for their household needs. 

Are you in need of a green alternative to hydrofracking for your home’s well water supply? Contact the Well Manager team to learn more about how we can help provide you with the water solutions you need today!