Three Ways You Use More Water During the Holidays

September 29, 2017 | Water Demand Solutions

Although autumn has just begun, the winter holidays will be here before you know it — perhaps sooner than some of us might like. If you use well water in your home, now is the perfect time to get a Well Manager for your water well system so you don’t run out of water when you need it most! A Well Manager can help to ensure that your well reliably provides water all winter long. If you have been putting off looking into a holding tank for your well because you believe that you don’t use enough water to need one, now is an excellent time to reconsider the amount of water that you’re using. Three reasons why you might be using more water than usual include:

  • Longer showers. Who doesn’t want to warm up in a nice long, hot shower after a day in the cold? People tend to take longer showers in the winter, which can quickly add up and deplete your water supply. Plus, the average temperature of your shower increases in the winter as well, so you run the risk of running out of hot water.
  • More laundry. Between layering trends, wearing jeans instead of shorts, and heavy winter coats and bedding, you’re sure to be using your washing machine much more often during the winter, taking a huge toll on your well.
  • Family visits. One of the best parts about the holidays is seeing friends, family members, and other loved ones for parties, family reunions, and seasonal get-togethers. If you’re hosting one or more holiday parties, expect to double or even triple the use of your washing machine, showers, and dishwasher.

In an ideal world, our wells would provide the water that we need 100% of the time. Unfortunately, wells have their limits. Even if you have a low yield well, a Well Manager can help make sure your holiday season goes off without a hitch!

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