My Well Is Running Dry- Should I Look Elsewhere On My Property for a New Source?

January 19, 2021 | Well Drilling Alternatives

When confronted with a low yield well that runs dry, homeowners look for a myriad of solutions to their problems. One such solution revolves around finding another spot on their property to dig a new well. The prevailing theory is that while your current well might be running dry, there is untapped potential elsewhere on your property for a prosperous well. However, the process of searching your property for alternative well sites can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor that results in disappointment and a continued low yield for your home water supply. 

Why Digging a New Well Won’t Solve All of Your Problems

It takes more than merely picking a spot and digging to find a sustainable water solution when it comes to new wells. There is a great deal of planning, research, and testing involved in developing a new well on your property. Whichever spot you choose, you need to determine the direction that the groundwater flows and potential contaminants that can impact the supply. You will need to contact an engineer to figure out the logistics of the new well. 

Once you factor in the engineer, inspections, necessary permits, the pumps to make the well go, and the landscaping required after installation, the entire process can quickly become a costly endeavor. For most homeowners, the cost can become prohibitive for a potentially low return. But what can they do in the face of a low yield well? 

The Well Manager® Solution 

Instead of digging an entirely new well from scratch, with a Well Manager® system installed, you can maximize the current output of your well. It’s a system designed not to overtax your well with your ongoing water needs but to perfectly time how often the well is tapped for your continuing water needs. Our system aims to make your current well output more efficient while still providing you with the ability to do the laundry, use the dishwasher, and have a luxurious shower without having to worry about your well running dry. 

Digging new wells on your property can lead to financial and unforeseen environmental headaches. For homeowners looking for green alternatives to water fracking, a Well Manager® system can provide you with the environmentally safe water solutions you need. Contact the Well Manager team to learn more and speak to a water solution expert today!