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How Well Manager Keeps Your Home’s Water Supply At Optimal Pressure

How Well Manager Keeps Your Home’s Water Supply At Optimal Pressure

Homeowners dealing with low yield wells have asked how to increase the water pressure from a well for ages. When you encounter a low yield well, a Well Manager® system can prove beneficial to your home. 

When it comes time to get your new Well Manager® system up and running, you should know the components that work together to ensure that your home receives the consistent water supply and water pressure you need to do all of the chores in your home. From washing the dishes, doing the laundry, or taking a long hot shower after a long day of work, you want to know how your newly installed Well Manager® system keeps your water pressure at consistent levels. To help appropriately regulate your water supply, pairing your Well Manager® system with a well pressure tank is vital. 

What is a Well Pressure Tank?

While the water pump does most of the heavy lifting in managing your well’s overall yield, you don’t want to overwork it. The longevity of your well pump requires you to regulate the water pressure in your home better. Every time water gets used in your home, from a toilet flush to doing the dishes, water from your well gets used. Suppose you do too many tasks in succession that require water and don’t give your system enough time to replenish your supply. This can quickly lead to a loop of “short cycling” that puts undue stress on your well pump. With the well pressure tank, your system is protected from overuse and potential short-cycling and can have a long and productive life. For your well pressure tank to function properly, you will also need a well pump pressure switch

The Role of the Pressure Switch

For your well pressure tank to function as intended, it needs to have an accurate pressure reading of your tank. As your water pump uses water for the list of tasks throughout the home, the pressure in the tank will rise and fall accordingly. The pressure switch informs the pump when to turn on and off based on what’s happening inside the tank. When the pressure is just right, the switch turns on, and the pump can use the water as needed. As soon as the pressure drops too low, the switch shuts it off, giving your system time to replenish its supply. 

Are you in the market for a Well Manager® system to help with your well’s yield? Contact Well Manager today to learn how we can help you find the perfect water solution for your home!

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