All I Want for Christmas Is … Consistent Water Pressure

December 6, 2022 | Low Flow Solutions

Holidays are made for spending time with family and friends. For many of us that means hosting out-of-town guests. How inconvenient—not to mention embarrassing—it is to run out of water when you need it most. Your water pressure may be sufficient to meet the demands of your immediate family, but add a few extra people to the mix and you can find your faucets delivering a trickle rather than a stream. Maintaining consistent water pressure can be tricky, especially if you have a low-yield well.

But Grandma Doesn’t Use That Much Water

It’s hard to imagine just how much water a person uses in a day until you look at the numbers:

  • A typical shower uses two gallons per minute, more if you have one of those fancy showerheads.
  • Basic hygiene activities like face washing and teeth brushing can use 2.5 gallons of water per person.
  • Each flush of the toilet requires between six and eight gallons of water.
  • Drinking the recommended eight 8-oz. glasses of water a day adds up to one gallon of water per person per day.

And then, there’s all that water used for washing dishes and clothes and performing other essential household activities. The more people in the house, the more frequently these chores need to be done, putting a greater demand on your water supply.

Can Your Water Pressure Keep Up?

Chances are your well produces enough water to meet your basic water needs throughout the day even if you have a low-yield well. However, problems with water pressure can arise when your well water system tries to meet peak demands as everyone uses the water at the same time. This is especially true of low-yield wells as the definition of a low-yield well is one that cannot maintain sufficient water levels to meet demand without over-pumping.

When you turn on a faucet or appliance or flush a toilet, you drain water from your storage tank. Once the water in your tank reaches a certain level, your water system pumps water from your well to replenish the water that has been used and restore your water pressure. If too many demands are being made on your water system at the same time, your pump can run non-stop. This overpumping is the main reason for premature well failure. Considering this, it is easy to see how adding a few more people to your daily water usage can be problematic.

What’s the Solution?

People will often try to resolve their water pressure issues by scheduling showers, avoiding use of multiple appliances at the same time–doing anything that spreads their water needs out over the course of the day. When that fails, they’ll consider more drastic measures like digging a deeper well or adding more storage tanks. These solutions can be costly and still not guarantee the desired results.

Well Manager Water Pressure Solutions

You don’t necessarily need a deeper well or more water storage. What you do need is a way to deliver water consistently to your home to meet the needs of your entire household, including those holiday guests. Well Manager’s water solution products allow your system to perform at optimal levels without over-pumping by creating a continuous draw from your well to replenish water as it is used.

So, this holiday season instead of handing your guests a water usage schedule, call Well Manager to see how our products can help you achieve consistent water pressure when you need it most.

From our Well Manager family to you and your family, best wishes for a happy and safe holiday season.