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The Solution to Low Water Pressure and Volume

A steady supply of running water is something we often take for granted — until we don’t have it. If there are times when no water comes out of your tap, or the water pressure is very low, we can help you with clean, green alternatives to fracking.

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Choose Your Well Water or City Water Management Solution


(For well water)

  • Protects pumping equipment from dry running
  • Protects wells against over pumping damage
  • Guaranteed results
  • Simple installation
  • Drought-tolerant, environmentally responsible


(For well water)

  • Provides the water you need, when you need it
  • Tank meets FDA regulations for potable water
  • Versatile fit options
  • Simple installation
  • Maintains consistent water pressure, protects well


(For city water)

  • Electric fill shut off with meter to set fill rate
  • Easy to install and service – manual included
  • Delivers consistent pressure
  • Pump contains no brass
  • Low water cutoff protects pressure / delivery pump


(For city water)

  • Consistent water pressure delivered at 50-70 psi at 10 GPM
  • Can be used with water treatment equipment
  • Low-cost solution
  • No permit needed
  • Complete preassembled system, quick installation

Well Management 

Water Management Solutions for Well Water

Those who have well water systems often consult a well drilling contractor when they have no water, thinking that they need to have another well drilled. However, this is not typically the case. Even a well that recharges slowly can be made to meet the requirement of a busy family of four with the implementation of the Well Manager®. How is this possible?

A typical well will only refill the pressure tank when you start using water. When the pressure tank is filled, the pump will turn off. That means that while you’re away at work during the day, your well is producing water, but it is not collected into your home’s reservoir. Well Manager® allows you to take advantage of all the water your well is capable of producing by adjusting the pump controller so that it continues to collect and store water even while the water in your home is not in use. This provides you with a surplus of water to keep up with the demands of your lifestyle.

Don’t believe those who tell you your pressure storage tank is too small. Lesser providers may try to sell you a large storage tank buried in the ground controlled by a float. However, these systems may actually damage your well by over-pumping it. Our well management systems work with smaller tanks and are designed to prevent over-pumping, keeping your system in perfect working order while providing and managing the amount of water you need for normal domestic use.

Water Solutions for City Water

Even those who use city water may sometimes experience issues with water pressure and volume. This is especially common for customers who are at the end of the line for their water system. Many people will turn to a plumber for help, thinking that there must be an issue with their pipes. While clogged pipes may be responsible for some water flow issues, if the problem is recurring, you may need more than a plumber — you need innovative well management solutions.

A MuniBoost pump system may be the answer to your pressure and volume problem. Our ConstaBoost™ family of products allows city water customers to overcome issues with low water pressure, volume, or intermittent service.

Emergency Shower/Eyewash Solutions

Do you need emergency showers or eyewash stations for a job site that does not have a water source? Call us today about our easy-to-use, preassembled, ANSI-compliant eyewash and shower systems.

If you are searching for water solutions, contact Well Manager today to learn how we guarantee to solve your water issues and make your daily life run more smoothly.

Well Development: Offering Clean, Renewable Alternatives to Residential Water Well Fracking

Well development may be necessary to maximize the yield of the well and optimize filter capacity of the gravel. Well rehabilitation of drilled or dug wells become necessary if operating wells fail to provide adequate water quantity or quality as the well becomes contaminated or clogged via natural processes or as a result of emergencies.

Hydraulic fracturing (referred to as hydrofracturing or hydrofracking) is a process used to increase the flow of water into a well, usually applied to ones that are low-yielding. It involves injecting high-pressure water via the drilled well into the surrounding rock formation. Since this may compromise the structural integrity of your water well and makeup of potable water that eventually comes out of the taps, Well Manager offers green solutions instead of fracking. Our renewable alternatives for your residential well water ensure your system works safely and at high-efficiency.

Contact Well Manager for Well Water Solutions Today!

For more information about all of our well water management solutions we utilize instead of fracking and hydraulic fracturing, or our well manager products (including RO Repressurization systems), contact Well Manager today!

Proudly Made in the USA!

“The main difference with the Well Manager is water pressure. We get more pressure with longer use of water from many outlets.”


Background: A large home under ten years old. Wells in the neighborhood were suffering.

Before Well Manager we couldn’t run the dishwasher and the washer at the same time! Now we can shower, wash clothes, run the dishwasher and have plenty of water!! We even installed a sprinkler system for our lawn. This has been possible only with the Well Manager.”


Background: Tom lives in an area notorious for poor wells. The neighbors run out if they are not careful.

“Under heavy demand the well would run dry. The recharge rate is ½ gpm. The Well Manager provides all the water that we need daily and always has lots of extra water on hand. Our tanks are usually always full.”


Background: Chris called as he was getting ready to build a house in an area of Quebec where the odds of getting a good well were poor.

“The Well Manager has been fantastic. When we drilled our well we only got about 2.5 gallons/minute at 400 feet. Since we knew that 2.5 gallons/minute was more than enough for the Well Manager, we didn’t have to keep drilling or frack, which would have been expensive options. Our driller thought we were crazy because he didn’t know how the Well Manager worked. We have been more than happy with the result. The Well Manager keeps us well stocked with water, we never run out, even at Christmas when the house is full of guests and family. A secondary benefit is that the water pressure throughout the house is just like city water. Our plumber remarked at how good our pressure was as he wasn’t used to that in our area. We easily run two showers at once, and no one gets the cold shock when someone flushes the toilet during a shower. A tertiary benefit is that when the power goes out for a long time, as sometimes happens where we are, we have water.

I would never put another well in without a Well Manager.



It is going on the 2nd week since my Well Watcher has been installed, and it is definitely working as advertised. Due to a past earthquake in the area and two new neighbors that built homes next door, the output and static level of my well became severely diminished. The Well Watcher after installation took about two days to fill up the tank, but that was because in filling it the flow meter was as set low as possible at about 6 gals. per hour to prevent my well from running dry, and that is still my current setting. Yes, my well is terrible, but now my family of 4 has the ability to do the laundry, run the dishwasher, wash the car, and we no longer have to take Navy showers. This is all in one day without running out of water, and the Well Watcher will be full the next morning. I found the design to be well thought out, and the quality of workmanship of the unit is excellent. The installation I found, was mostly plug and play, plumb water from pressure tank to the Well Watcher with filters, plumb a bypass, plumb water out to the house, plug it in, flip the switches – done- then wait for the tank to fill, but I hired a plumber just to be safe. One more thing, the way the unit was shipped to prevent damage was really clever.


Well Manager
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Kevin ShegogueKevin Shegogue
17:19 26 Feb 22
Few things are as annoying as a shower running out of water at 3am or a washing machine stopping mid fill because you pumped your well dry. Here in WV, I have a 400' deep well, but it is very low yield. Running out of water can happen easily whether I was doing laundry, power washing the deck, or the back flushes for our water conditioning tanks had gone off recently. We changed the well pump, looked for holes in the water line, replaced the pressure tank and pressure switch.... nothing seemed to help.Short of digging a new well, I did some research and came across Well Manager. After watching videos and reading about the product, I was convinced this could help me. I spoke with Lynn and after consultation with Dan, we decided the Well Watcher system would suit my needs best. We chose the 220 gallon upright reservoir tank to be installed in our garage. Shipping was fast and easy. (fast forward 11 months, I finally had it installed by our local plumber). Dan at Well Manager was always available for any questions I had. And I had a lot! He explained everything clearly and we made minor adjustments to the Cycle sensor to ensure everything was running well.I love seeing how much water we are using and the well watcher sips from the well during the day so we never run the well dry. It is very adjustable (I like to keep mine refilling at 0.5 -1 gpm). While the back flush system runs directly off the well, everything else comes out of my reservoir which has plenty of water to handle our activities. Best of all, if I ever need more water reserves, you can purchase additional tanks that connect to one another.When I have questions I send Dan a text and he calls me back promptly to walk me through anything I need. I can't recommend this product highly enough. It was a huge relief to our family and the best purchase for our house I have made in 15 years, Previous to that was the water conditioning tanks that made our iron filled water clear and delicious.Thanks Dan and Co. for the perfect solution to our long term problem!
Clifford YoungClifford Young
16:29 08 Jan 22
We have had a Well Watcher for about 13 months and it has been a great solution for our home and families water demands. I have limited plumbing and electrical experience and Dan answered all of my questions and was available to walk me through installing the system. We noticed immediately significant water pressure improvements which seemed to allow our appliances (dishwasher, washer) to function better. Most importantly during periodic drought conditions we were able to see when we needed to conserve by looking at the water level in the tank. Previously we were blind to low water levels in the well and had a well pump burn out due to silt. The Well Watcher system automatically shuts down the well pump before water level is too low and gives it a break for two hours allowing water level to raise. In these situations, we see great water level recovery in the tank overnight and during the day.Just recently, 12 months in and during Christmas week, we had our first issue and Dan was very responsive having me troubleshoot over the phone and quickly determine a bad pump. They sent out a new pump under warranty and I was able to unscrew the bad pump and install the new one completely fixing the issue. While waiting for the pump to be delivered, we were able to easily bypass the Well Watcher and maintain our water needs.
Brian MattlinBrian Mattlin
19:01 13 Oct 21
I've been chasing gremlins in my well-water system since the underground line from the well broke last mid-winter (uggh). Each fix revealed a new problem. Researching solutions led me to Well Manager. Dan, Lynn and Ethan could not have been more forthcoming with information about their products and pricing, or more generous with their time in helping me troubleshoot my problems and assess the suitability of their products to resolving them. Ultimately I concluded that their systems, while smart and well-engineered (no pun intended!), were not the best/right solutions to my particular situation. But if my needs change I will not hesitate to go back to them to continue the conversation.
Paul HuntPaul Hunt
21:10 28 Jul 21
Installed a Well Manager four years ago. System seems like a great idea. Has given us issues form the start. Buyer beware the pump attached to the well manager unit is only under warrantee for a year. Ours died today, $1,200 plus installation.
Babs WoycikBabs Woycik
19:29 22 Jun 21
We searched for the best option to maintain a healthy well and found The Well Manager. We have been so pleased with the performance of this system. Our well isn't very deep and we have horses so it's imperative we have water. Every once in awhile we would leave the water running at the horse trough and it drained the well manager. What peace of mind that we knew it wasn't draining the well. Our tank filled up at the normal rate and all was good. It's so much better than cistern tanks that just hold the water. This is constantly cycled through. We would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a well (and we have!).
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