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The Largest Selection of Products Designed to Address Well Water Pressure Problems

In a perfect world, wells would provide all the water needed, when needed, even in times of drought. But, in our world, there are millions of people who don’t get enough water from their well to do the things most of us take for granted. Many of those people live right here in the United States.

Our company was born in the Sourland Mountain region in New Jersey, an area notorious for low yield wells, so our employees understand the hardships an inadequate water supply can create. It is this understanding together with years of experience dealing with inadequate water sources that has brought us to our current status.

The mission of the people here at Well Manager is to find ways to get more water and provide better plumbing performance from wells considered grossly inadequate or even unusable only a short time ago. In some cases this means developing sustainable water sources for people who do not currently have one because it is not possible to construct an adequate well, in the traditional way of thinking, where they live. In other cases an engineered system is required because the well cannot supply the peak demand need of the connected building or buildings.

The result of this history is that Well Manager now offers the largest selection of off-the-shelf, engineered products designed to get more water from inadequate wells available anywhere.

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The Products

This offering includes systems in a wide range of prices that will work on driven, pounded, drilled, bored or any other kind of well including those that are hand dug.

Our leading product, Well Manager®, is patented in the United States and Canada. This system has helped many people to live a normal life using wells that used to leave them buying water. We are so confident of this product’s ability to get water that it is guaranteed to get more water from any producing well or your money will be refunded.

Well Manager® systems come in all sizes including one that will fit through a 24” door and requires little more space than pressure tank that it replaces. Well Manager® has been used to create a reliable water supply and provide amazing performance with wells that yield as little as 5 gallons per hour using a fraction of the storage required by other systems.

Our Patented PumpChamber™ has done much to make water storage systems smaller and more compact. PumpChamber™ turns an ordinary submersible well pump into an end suction pump. Because the PumpChamber™ draws water from storage through the foot of the chamber, pumps can be mounted vertically in tanks and almost all of the water in storage can be used.

The PumpChamber™ is also the basis for our Herculan ConstaBoost System™ which can be used to pressurize water from atmospheric storage or as a pressure booster for public water supplies. Small and quiet enough to install in a closet next to living space, the Herculan ConstaBoost System™ will provide consistent pressure and is available in single and duplex configurations to fit various flow requirements.

Herculan ConstaBoost Systems can be combined with tank storage to make a system that will provide a constant water supply to a building that now has intermittent service or to improve pressure and flow in one that is supplied by a water pipe too small to carry the required peak demand flow rate. These systems are called Herculan ConstaBoost Static Storage Systems and they have many other uses like increasing storage and pressure in systems connected to wells of inadequate yield that are not so poor as to require a Well Manager. HCBSS systems are also used in community well systems that are over taxed and well shares where several homes use a single inadequate well. The static storage systems can be combined with a Well Manager to make a very frugal system, called a Distributed Storage System, that can dramatically increase the capacity of a community well system or to make a water source for several buildings combining a low yield well with another source such as a rain collection system or water haul tank to create a constant supply in very arid areas.

Our products are in use from Honduras to Alaska in existing buildings and new construction of all kinds because people are learning that there is no good reason to suffer with an inadequate water supply or poor plumbing performance.

Learn about how well pressure and yield solutions work:

To discuss your water issues with us now, please call 800-211-8070 or complete our
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