Become a Dealer

Our equipment is sold through a growing network of Dealerships in the United States and Canada which operate under a protected geographic territory agreement. Dealers must advertise and market the product in their area. Trade accounts located in areas where there is a Dealer must buy their equipment through the Dealer. Where there is no local Dealership the trade may buy directly from the factory at 25% off suggested retail pricing.

Well Manager Dealers are forward thinking individuals who realize that when people take control and manage their water resources there is no good reason for anyone with a well that produces 1/10th of a gallon per minute or more to be dependant on a water hauler. Any home with such a well has the water do the wash at home and use more than one bathroom at the same time if they manage the well properly and have the proper delivery equipment.

This means that well drillers, pump installers and plumbers all over the country are walking away from jobs where there is a drilled well or two that appeared to be too poor to warrant installing a pump. They leave behind them an angry disappointed family who could have been a satisfied customer had they been able to sell anything that would provide a dependable supply of water.

The Well Drilling Company, in such a case, is passing up a sales opportunity that would have improved their bottom line without any additional wear and tear on their drilling equipment. The pump installer or plumber is passing up the opportunity to offer a solution and open up a new market for their business.

Every day, people from all walks of life discover Well Manager® on the Internet and wonder how it is possible that no one has offered them such a product. They wonder why, when they call their local professional – pump installer, well driller, or plumber, they get the same old answers, none of which offer a guaranteed result because most of the time they are expensive and don’t provide relief.

Some homeowners intrigued by the prospect of a solution to their problems have spent hours or days studying the problem, talking to others who own a Well Manager and then, sometimes over the advice of their local professional, ordered and installed it themselves. They knew it was going to work before they bought because it made sense, they talked to others, and it was guaranteed to do exactly what we advertise. Once installed, people are so happy with the result that they can’t wait to tell their friends and neighbors about Well Manager® and, of course, brag about their installation. They should be bragging about your company.

We are actively seeking companies in water businesses who realize that the day of doing things the same old way is passing. There is a reward for those who realize this early and have the foresight to carve out a spot for their company. If you are the kind of person who can recognize opportunity and have the drive to turn it into action, we would like to talk to you about becoming the Well Manager® Dealer in your area.

For more information about becoming a dealer, please contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.