Radon In Your Water Supply and Its Remediation With Our Radon Watcher Product

Water Radon Mitigation

Radon is the byproduct of the decay of radium and is most commonly found in basements and water sources, depending on geographic location. It is a radioactive gas that is odorless and invisible to the naked eye. This naturally occurring substance is easily inhaled and considered a hazard to human health. Radon has been linked to incidents of lung cancer in those that have been exposed to the substance and is the second-leading cause of lung cancer after tobacco smoking. According to EPA estimates, in individuals who have not smoked cigarettes or other forms of combustible tobacco, radon is the leading cause of lung cancer.

Homeowners that have basements and/or wells need to be especially cautious when it comes to radon, depending on their regional location. Unfortunately, concentrations of ground-based radon are at their highest in large portions of the northeastern United States and Midwest. Other regions within the country also have high concentrations, including along the Appalachian Trail and the northern parts of the continental United States.

Due to the prevalence of this hazardous gas and its potential impacts on human health, it is vital that homeowners take the right steps to protect themselves and their loved ones.

If your home utilizes a well for your water, Well Manager has the answer to radon reduction in your water source.

What Can Be Done To Mitigate Radon From Your Water?

To ensure the health and safety of your home’s occupants, a radon well water remediation system is essential to prevent exposure to radon and other harmful elements that can be present in your well water. Our Well Manager system with built-in Airwell radon mitigation is the only system on the market that boosts water pressure and volume from low yield wells, as well as ensures hazardous gasses are eliminated from the water you use on a daily basis.

Our unit is affordable too! With it, you can avoid the excessive radon mitigation costs that come with carbon-based systems and the yearly expense of filter replacement.

Well Manager’s Radon Watcher

Well Manager has integrated Radon Environmental’ s state-of-the-art Airwell radon reduction system into our Well Manager system. Now, you can conveniently add a Well Manager system to boost your water pressure and volume, while also ensuring the water you use is free from hazardous radon gasses.

The Airwell technology introduces aeration during the water collection process before it reaches your home. The gasses present are stripped from the water and carried up through an installed vent pipe, which releases radon gas and other harmful gasses into the atmosphere outside your home. The entire process is hands-free and does not adversely affect the well water in any way.

Additionally, the Well Manager Radon Watcher also removes methane, sulfur, and iron from your water supply.

Why Radon Watcher and NOT Our Competitors’ Products

Although some of our competitors now offer radon well water mitigation systems, they lack a key component in their product, management of their water system. The radon mitigation systems they offer do not protect your well from over pumping.

Other companies provide a radon mitigation system that works with a low-yield well water system. This means that if you need to boost your water volume and pressure while making sure it’s radon free, you’d need multiple systems.

With the Radon Watcher from Well Manager, one system boosts your water volume and pressure AND mitigates radon from your water supply!

Take Steps Now to Mitigate Radon From Your Water Supply

Mitigation of radon gas from your well water is a way to take steps to protect your family against harmful radon gas. By injecting air directly into the well water, previously trapped gasses are allowed to escape outside the home. This process of aeration is one of the most straight-forward and chemically free methods for removing radon and other harmful contaminants from your water.

Airwell’s patented design eliminates 92-99% of radon from well water. Airwell, combined with the power of Well Manager’s low-yield well water solutions, provides the ultimate security for any home that utilizes a well for their water supply.

Homeowners will discover that the cost of radon mitigation is surprisingly affordable. Available NOW from Well Manager.
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"The main difference with the Well Manager is water pressure. We get more pressure with longer use of water from many outlets."

Joe B. Stevens
Sourland Mountains, New Jersey

Background: A large home under ten years old. Wells in the neighborhood were suffering.

"Before Well Manager, we couldn't run the dishwasher and the washer at the same time! Now, we can wash clothes, run the dishwasher and have plenty of water! We even installed a sprinkler system for our lawn. This has been possible only with the Well Manager."

John E. Warren
Northern New Jersey

Background: Tom lives in an area notorious for poor wells. The neighbors run out of water if they are not careful.

"Under heavy demand, the well would run dry. The recharge rate is 1/2gpm. The Well Manager provides all the water that we need daily and always has lots of extra water on hand. our tanks are usually always full."

Thomas Thompson
Binghamton, New York