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Background: Ron is a retired Texas oil field geologist. His daughter Kerri, an engineer, works at a high-profile banking organization in NYC. Together they installed the Well Manager® because the nearest plumber is 70 miles away. Using the internet to send digital pictures back and forth, they completed the installation which required some radical plumbing and wiring changes. Why? Because Ron wanted to replace his 3,000-gallon cistern system which would occasionally run out of water. When that happened, it would take days to get the huge system back up and running. During those periods he had to haul water. It was not easy to convince Ron that a 425-gallon tank could replace a 3000-gallon cistern!

“This morning I raised the Tank Full shutoff to nearly 400 gallons, which will be plenty. We love having the water pressure and a good supply. I’m pretty proud that my smart daughter and I, with your coaching got it going…We now have a very capable water supply from a 1/3 gallon per minute well.

“…Our home is at a remote location 10,280 feet above sea level so after sales service is important to us. The Well Manager people are always ready to help.


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