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At Well Manager® we let the amazing changes in our customers’ lives speak for our products. We won’t waste your time with claims that don’t have any backing to prove them; instead, we want to share with you some of the reviews we have received. We encourage you to continue reading to learn what Well Manager® and Herculan ConstaBoost™ can do for you.

The following are reviews from people who live with a Well Manager®. They have volunteered these comments and authorized us to use them to advertise and promote our company.

Thanks, Dan and Co. for the perfect solution to our long-term problem!

Few things are as annoying as a shower running out of water at 3am or a washing machine stopping mid fill because you pumped your well dry. Here in WV, I have a 400' deep well, but it is very low yield. Running out of water can happen easily whether I was doing laundry, power washing the deck, or the back flushes for our water conditioning tanks had gone off recently. We changed the well pump, looked for holes in the water line, replaced the pressure tank and pressure switch.... nothing seemed to help.

Short of digging a new well, I did some research and came across Well Manager. After watching videos and reading about the product, I was convinced this could help me. I spoke with Lynn and after consultation with Dan, we decided the Well Watcher system would suit my needs best. We chose the 220 gallon upright reservoir tank to be installed in our garage. Shipping was fast and easy. (fast forward 11 months, I finally had it installed by our local plumber). Dan at Well Manager was always available for any questions I had. And I had a lot! He explained everything clearly and we made minor adjustments to the Cycle sensor to ensure everything was running well.

I love seeing how much water we are using and the well watcher sips from the well during the day so we never run the well dry. It is very adjustable (I like to keep mine refilling at 0.5 -1 gpm). While the back flush system runs directly off the well, everything else comes out of my reservoir which has plenty of water to handle our activities. Best of all, if I ever need more water reserves, you can purchase additional tanks that connect to one another.

When I have questions I send Dan a text and he calls me back promptly to walk me through anything I need. I can't recommend this product highly enough. It was a huge relief to our family and the best purchase for our house I have made in 15 years, Previous to that was the water conditioning tanks that made our iron filled water clear and delicious.


I would like to thank you and your staff on a great product

We have been living with running out of water since 2013 every winter, which means we had to go down into the crawl space in the snow and reset our low pressure cut off switch. Drill a well was an expensive option and not guaranteed to find water, so we decided to go with the Well Manager system for 2 reasons, to allow the well to slowly fill up the tanks and not have to continually reset the well and we could also manually fill if necessary for a large usage coming. I am happy to say that since the well manager installation has been complete, we no longer have to reset the well low pressure cut off, no longer have to trudge through the snow at 5am and crawl into the crawl space!
We are very happy with the system, thank you!

Dan and the Well Manager team are awesome.

The product does what it says it does and it does it well. I purchased the Well Manager for a 10-15 gallon/hr well and have plenty of water for multiple showers, dishwasher, power washing, clothes washer, etc. I have had the system over a year with just one issue. The team was very responsive and got me up and running again quickly. It mostly runs as an appliance and has required no maintenance otherwise. Way cheaper than digging a new well!

-Restfowl Cottage

The Most Reliable and Least Evasive Solution to Our Low Yield Well

When purchasing our dream home, we encountered an issue with a low-yield well during the inspection. After researching solutions for this problem, we found that Well Manager offered the most reliable and least evasive solution. Our Well Watcher system has performed exactly as described, and the peace of mind alone has been well worth the investment.

Jason Murray

I Can Provide Water for My Family of Six

After dealing with a low yield well for over five years, and countless hours of research, I decided to invest in the Well Watcher system from Well Manager …and it was worth the investment! The increase in water pressure alone was worth the money. This system is easy to set up and keeps on collecting water all day long. I have a very low yield well… for instance, I only collect at a rate of 0.2 gpm (yes, 0.2) and this gives my family of 6 enough water. There are times that we have to be careful about our water usage, but that is due to the nature of our well, not the system. If you have a low yielding well, I would recommend this system as it will certainly help and is a much cheaper alternative to drilling a new well. Dan was great to work with and knows his stuff. I had an issue with the pump and the company resolved the issue quickly.

Jamie Sumner

Great Customer Service and Reasonable Pricing

Not often do clients feel as comfortable and assured as when they are treated with professionalism, respect, and genuine concern by their service person. The guys at Well Manager know that an interruption of water to a customer is never a light matter and are always there immediately to handle the problem and remedy the matter as quickly as possible, and always at a very reasonable price. Thanks for your great service! It's comforting to know my WM system is in good hands!

Carmen Scialla

Easy Installation and Flawless Execution

Installed a Modular Well Manager over 4 years ago. I live near the company headquarters and bought one on site from the designer Andy Reid.

I was impressed by what he developed and he was very generous going through how the whole thing worked and how it was assembled. With the modular, all the components were separate from the tank. Got two 150 gallon tanks. Took about a day to install myself as a first timer. Mostly due to figuring out how to situate it and had both pex and copper to plumb. Wiring was straight forward. Has worked flawlessly since.

If you have iron deposits, I would suggest a 5 micron sediment filter which will keep the tanks cleaner. I used oxalic acid to clean the tanks to like new before the filter, but they are much cleaner now with. Well Manager does what it claims to do and is a quality build. Recently replaced my original very old 80 gallon pressure tank to a small 14 gal with a cycle stop valve which converts it into a constant pressure style. Got instant help from Dan who is extremely helpful and gave me suggestions right over the phone. Highly recommend this product.

Frank Kraus

The Well Manager System Allows Us to Maintain Our Pool

This is a customer install. Our well was originally yielding about 3.5 gpm when first installed. After 11 years it had dropped to about 1 gpm. It is only 250' deep and I figure we only had about 100' max reservoir in the well. In 2014 we put a 18'x36' pool in and we were unable to keep up with the evaporation to maintain the pool level.

This was system rocks. It doesn't over pump our well and gives us enough water to maintain our pool. We can even conservatively run our irrigation system, but I really need to add another tank or 2 to run that. This setup gives us 450 gallons of water for a family of 4 this is plenty of water. Andy was great with helping me spec out this system and with my install. We have had this in place since 2015.

5 years later we had an issue with our automatic pump that controls the well pump. Dan was great and walked me through trouble shooting steps over the phone. He was very patient and walked me through things step by step. We finally found out that the problem was some silt that was in the clear back pressure tube that keeps that kicks the pump off so it will not pump dry. Cleaned out the tube and all is good. Dan recommended that I put in a 5 micron filter in between the water entry and the tanks to mitigate this issue in the future.

I highly recommend this system. It will keep you from having to drill a new well and give you more water pressure than most city water systems.


I Can Take A Real Shower Now

“Before we got the Well Manager we were concerned about doing the laundry. Even one load of wash would cause our water to go down to a trickle. Now we do our wash without pulling the well down. We are thrilled with the increase in water pressure and I can take a real shower now.”


All Of Our Water Needs Are Taken Care Of

Background: The owner built this home in the Sourland Mountains in the late 1970s. Water had always been a problem but with 4 adults and several children in the house things became intolerable. It got to the point where someone had to keep the pressure switch engaged using a stick or no one got a shower because the system would not maintain 20 psi.

Mr. Nemeth was so skeptical about Well Manager that we offered him a written money back guarantee. The terms were 50% on installation and the other 50% in two weeks if he wanted to keep the system. If he didn’t want to keep it we would remove the Well Manager®, replace his pressure tank and refund all of the money he put down.

Once the conversion was complete Mrs. Nemeth was asked to try the kitchen faucet. She opened the faucet, jumped back and said she had never seen that much water pressure coming from that faucet before. Two weeks later we stopped by and offered to remove the system. We got a check instead. Here’s what Mr. Nemeth said 4 years later:

“Our Well Manager has been great. Before its installation we would lose water supply on a regular daily basis. Now, all of our needs for water are taken care of.

Worries Are Gone

Background: The Basarabs live in an area where the ground is tight and just doesn’t transmit water readily, so their well would frequently leave them high and dry. This is a problem shared by the Basarabs and their neighbor. Rosemary was fed up not having enough water to take care of her garden, do laundry or wash dishes when she wanted. Mike and Rosemary had a Well Manager® installed and the neighbor drilled his well deeper. The neighbor got little relief but the Basarabs did far better.

“I don’t know how we would have gotten through this past drought without the Well Manager. Worries are gone!”


Since Installation We Haven’t Run Out Of Water Once

Background: Bob’s well pumped large volumes of sand and the water was so hard that his hot water coil needed to be cleaned several times a year. Previously there was no softener because he didn’t have the water to backwash one. He installed a 165-gallon Well Manager system and a new water softener.

“We were running out of water almost every day. Since the installation of our Well Manager we haven’t run out once.”


Our Livelihood Depends On Water Consumption

This is a letter I am happy to write! We installed the Well Manager and it has been the best home improvement we have ever made.

We are a husband and wife who own and operate a dog grooming business from our home. We had all the state-of-the-art equipment, except for our water system. The quality of our water has always been great but the volume has been a problem. When our well ran dry we had it refracted. We could only use water from one source which meant while we were working no other water could be used. The dishwasher and washing machine were run on our days off. To complicate matters my son and his family were moving in with us and we were adding two new bathrooms and 1000 sq. feet to our existing one bath home. Water was our main concern so laundry was done at the Laundromat; showers had to be short and before work. After much research, we decided to try the Well Manager so we installed the 220-gallon tank. Our family of five can now shower whenever they want (and as long as they want) and we can use three showers at the same time! We now do our laundry at home whenever we want even when the dishwasher is running. We are also planning to add an additional tub to our grooming shop.

Water consumption has always been our main focus especially since our livelihood depends on it and the Well Manager has definitely changed the way we live our lives. Thanks!”


Since Installation We Have Not Had A Single Incident

Background: Large custom home on three floors with indoor pool, two pool showers with multiple heads and body sprays, 8 bathrooms, and landscape irrigation on a 5 gallon per minute well. In spite of the 3 large pressure tanks, the irrigation system would run the well dry, you could not use the master bath shower and do anything else at the same time and the pool showers were unusable. Now they can open every faucet in the house at the same time.

“Since installation of the Well Manager we have not had a single incident when well water was exhausted. Prior to this installation we were unable to water our lawn since the demand exceeded the on-hand supply of water.”


We Do Not Have To Worry About Running Out Of Water

Background: Bob is an engineer and familiar with plumbing and well products.

“My wife and I have lived in Rock Creek Canyon south of Colorado Springs for twenty years. We have a shallow well that usually provides adequate amount of water for our life needs plus a little outside garden watering. But with the drought worsening in Colorado over the past three years, our well level dropped to the point of producing only about 10 minutes of water every 2 to 4 hours. We still conserve but we do not have to worry about running out of water in the middle of a shower or burning up the well pump or pulling silt from the bottom of the well. We can do laundry at home and more than one load a day. We also have constant pressure for luxurious showers. Many times we have praised our Well Manager.

I installed the Well Manager myself with the help of an electrician to install the 220V wiring. The instructions, preassembled components and the much-appreciated customer support made the installation easy and uncomplicated.


We Now Have A Very Capable Water Supply

Background: Ron is a retired Texas oil field geologist. His daughter Kerri, an engineer, works at a high-profile banking organization in NYC. Together they installed the Well Manager® because the nearest plumber is 70 miles away. Using the internet to send digital pictures back and forth, they completed the installation which required some radical plumbing and wiring changes. Why? Because Ron wanted to replace his 3,000-gallon cistern system which would occasionally run out of water. When that happened, it would take days to get the huge system back up and running. During those periods he had to haul water. It was not easy to convince Ron that a 425-gallon tank could replace a 3000-gallon cistern!

“This morning I raised the Tank Full shutoff to nearly 400 gallons, which will be plenty. We love having the water pressure and a good supply. I’m pretty proud that my smart daughter and I, with your coaching got it going…We now have a very capable water supply from a 1/3 gallon per minute well.

“…Our home is at a remote location 10,280 feet above sea level so after sales service is important to us. The Well Manager people are always ready to help.


Great Service & Support

“Well Manager allowed us to harvest water twenty-four hours a day from our 1-2 gallon per minute well. It was a real help and helped to delay us needing a new well for several years. Great service and support as well. Thanks.”


We Constantly Ran Out Of Water Prior To Installation

Background: The church had a well with a submersible pump connected to a galvanized pressure tank. The longer water would run, the poorer the pressure and the dirtier it got.

“Before Well Manager we constantly ran out of water during our dinners and other functions at the church. Now we have plenty of water for those tough cleanups after serving 80-90 dinners.”

William R. Brooks, Pres. Board of Trustees


CPM Addition Exceed Expectations

Background: When Rob remodeled his cabin he reworked everything, including the plumbing. Once that was done, it didn’t take long to find out that there wasn’t enough water to run it. With two people in the house he ran out of water all the time.

“Amazing!! All water problems are solved!!”

Update: Rob added a large hot tub that he has no trouble at all filling. Having water has made him want to make some other changes. He now plans to add a Jacuzzi multi-head shower system and that started him thinking about the Consistent Pressure Module. Rob ordered and installed a CP Module and now he says: “The CPM addition exceeded all of my expectations. Can’t understand why I didn’t install it sooner! The only thing better than the unit itself was the service and support that I received from you! Thanks again!!!”


Pressure & Performance Like Never Before

Background: His original well went bone dry. He had a second well drilled which was more than adequate with a Well Manager.

“The Well Manager concept made so much sense; I installed one on my low-yield well. Now my 24-year-old house has pressure and performance like never before.”


We Haven’t Run Out Of Water Since Installation

“Our old 75-foot spring fed well is more than adequate most of the time, but occasionally (usually on wash days) the pump would hit air and quit, after which we had to go without water for a few hours until it recovered. Not only was this a nuisance, but someday it would be very hard to sell the house. It looked like the only solution was a $15 thousand investment for a new deep well. Then I installed a Well Manager and we haven’t been out of water since.


We Have Not Run Out Of Water

Background: The owner had just moved into a large new home. The 4 gpm well would not run the irrigation system that had already been installed so the very expensive, freshly planted landscaping was being kept alive in the 100-degree heat by trucking water. Attempts to use the irrigation system caused the well to run out of water.

“There has been a dramatic increase in water pressure and we have not run out of water since installing the Well Manager!”


Andy Was Determined To Have Our Problem Solved

Background: This is a beautiful modern home on an undersized, wooded, boulder covered lot. The well was 720’ deep and went dry between the time the Well Manager was ordered and installation. There was no place to drill a new well more than 20’ from the old one. The old well was hydro-fracked and enough yield was restored to operate with a Well Manager.

Four years ago, during our first summer in our home, my wife turned on the faucet and nothing. What a helpless feeling.

We had seen some signs around the area about Well Manager and ordered installation. We also had our well, which is 760’ deep, hydro-fracked and then hearing the good news of ‘You now have a state-of-the art well management system, however you have no water to manage.’ The first year with the Well Manager we watched it like a hawk, (the visual aspect of the system is very reassuring). Since our home is the ‘Holiday House,’ Holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July we get invaded with 20-30 people.

Currently I DO NOT watch it like a hawk during these holidays due to the confidence we now have in the Well Manager System. We even have recently installed a 450-gallon Hot Tub which gets drained and refilled every 6 weeks.

As important as the system has been for us, we are even more impressed with the care, concern and responsiveness. Shortly after the installation and hydro-fracking hurricane Floyd hit and we were without power for 5 days. I happened to speak to Andy Reid, who after all his work and concern to get us a reliable water supply, arrived with his backup generator. We used his generator for 4 days until we got power again. Why? Because he understood that without power, we again, could not have water. He was determined to have our problem solved, even to the extent that he delivered and provided us with emergency power.

Great system, even better dedication!


Our Water Pressure Is Great

Background: This home was built in an area where poor wells are common. The yield was less than 1 gpm so you could not shower and do anything else at the same time.

“It is great that we can have two showers running at the same time. Thanks to the Well Manager our water pressure is great!”


Water Pressure Is Much Better

Background; This area of Maryland is notorious for poor wells. The minimum acceptable yield to build a house here is 1 gpm and there are many 5 bath homes on 1 gpm wells in this area.

“The water pressure is much better. In case of an emergency we have a large reservoir of water. It allowed us to connect an irrigation system.”


A Simplistic But Revolutionary Solution

“I have been frustrated by my own well problems since I moved to Connecticut in 1991… Never having owned a property that was dependent on a well, I was totally unprepared for the prospect of not having an automatic sprinkler system, let alone not being able to flush a toilet. I know differently now, but I learned the hard way after having lived a good 10 years with a water phobia and after biting the bullet spending many hundreds of dollars for a second somewhat useless well tank with a couple of dozen extra gallons and a mystical hydro-fracking experience. This has gone on for over 10 years of navy showers and limited flushes in an otherwise wonderful large home with a whirlpool and steeping tubs that have never been utilized… I have a $2500 neutralizer and softener that have never been adequately backwashed. They are not even plugged in.

The Well Manager offers a Simplistic but Revolutionary Solution that unlocks what has formerly been a black hole filled with common, but often unsolvable well and water pressure problems.

Well Manager owners know more about their wells after a few days than any of the experts in the business…I am intrigued by the elegance of your product.”


Much More Water Volume

Background: This property has a large home with 8 bathrooms, a barn, 3 pastures each with a yard hydrant, a guest house and a pool. The 6 gpm well could not keep up so if anyone was using water it was impossible to get a decent shower. Various contractors attempted to fix this problem over a 10-year period. This 6 gpm well is considered a very good yield for this area.

“Two or more people can shower at the same time. You can run one or more (washing) machines. Much more volume.”


Main Difference Is Water Pressure

Background: This is a large house on a hill with a barn and several outbuildings at a lower elevation. When someone was working in the barn there was little pressure left for the house.

“The main difference with the Well Manager is water pressure. We get more pressure with longer use of water from many outlets.”


Before The Well Manager We Had To Schedule Water Use

Background: There are 2 adults, one college age son who comes home with friends frequently and 2 teens. Over the years there has been a serious decline in the well yield. The neighbor drilled a new well.

“Before the Well Manager we had to schedule our showers, dishwasher and clothes washer to not interfere with each other. Any time we had guests we had to skip showers so that no one would be embarrassed when the water ran out. Now we go about our business as if we have city water.”


We Have Not Run Out Of Water Once

Background: When the Chartrand’s 4 gpm well turned into one that yielded less than a quart per minute, their dream home turned into a bad dream.

Excerpts from Michel’s letter are below.

Before our Well Manager, doing more than one load of laundry every second day was something we only dreamed of. We moved in before Christmas on the 21st of December. On Christmas Eve, we ran out of water. Not being too familiar with submersible pumps, I tried getting it started too many times and ended up burning out the pump. On Christmas Eve, I was therefore left with no water and a burned-out pump.

We finally got into a routine that seemed to work. We would do a load of laundry every second day. The dishwasher was turned on every other day and showers were then taken as quickly as possible. We had a corner roman tub in our master en-suite, which we were not able to use. Our purification equipment had to be unplugged since our well would not produce enough water to keep up with the backwashes.

Though we were very careful, we would run out of water every three weeks. No matter what we did, just like a time clock, every three weeks the water in our well would drop right to the bottom.

My father would fill his 350-gallon sap water reservoir with water from his house in the city and drive out in the country to fill up our well. He would have to do 4 loads, an hour each, to fill up the well. This he did every three weeks for six months.

We had tried everything from dropping dry ice down the well to hydro-fracking but nothing increased the flow of water from our well.

I found the web site Within just a few minutes I knew this was the answer to my problems. I immediately contacted the representatives in Canada to obtain a quote for this system.

While I had worked in various construction trades, including five summers for an electrical contractor, during my summer years at University, I had never done any plumbing work. The installation of the Well Manager took less than a day to complete.

Since turning on the power to the Well Manager we have not run out of water once. This system works great. One week during the summer we put the Well Manager to the ultimate test. My in-laws were visiting in their 42’ motor home parked beside our garage and connected to our electrical and water system. In addition, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and their two children were also visiting that week. Therefore, we had 4 additional adults and two more children in our household, AND our water system was now sustaining another home the 42’ motor home, complete with kitchen and full bathroom. A month before we installed the Well Manager, we had a guest over and the addition of this one adult in our household caused our well to go dry.

This system is truly remarkable. Anyone having similar problems will, without a doubt in my mind, benefit by the installation of a Well Manager. You can’t put a price to the peace of mind that comes with this product. It is worth every penny we spent on it.

Thank you for this truly exceptional system.”


The Pressure Is Remarkable

Background: New Mexico has been in drought for a number of years. The term “water haul home” is seen on a growing number of real estate listing cards and warns that this home does not have a water source on the property – water must be trucked in. In the Jantzen’s neighborhood there are houses like this – but not their house! Dalton took a few minutes in the hottest month of the year to tell us what he thinks about Well Manager®.

Excerpts from their letter are below:

“We purchased a home in the East Mountains outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Three weeks after moving in and before our Well Manager was installed, our well pump burned up.

Features we enjoy:
• The pressure is remarkable. It is altogether as good as or better than what we had in the city.
• Well Manager system allows us to be frugal and well cared for all at the same time.
• We have become much more relaxed. I walk into the Well Manager room occasionally and listen to the sounds as another 10 gallons goes into the tank. We don’t worry about whether or not it will work.”


Gives Us Peace Of Mind

“It gives us peace of mind because we can see how much water we have. We can do all of our laundry without running out of water. The constant pressure is a real plus. Thank you, Well Manager.”


The System Has Operated Flawlessly

Background: Bill had suffered with his well problem for quite a while. Emails went back and forth for nearly a year while he was looking at all options including drilling and a cistern or buried tank system. Bill understood the concept but found it hard to justify the cost or to visualize the enormous difference our system could make. It took a leap of faith but in the end, he chose the Well Manager®.

“I am quite pleased to share my positive experiences with the performance of the Well Manager. I purchased the system 6 months ago and the system has operated flawlessly. The installation was completed in one day. The Well Manager gives my family peace of mind by providing the ability to store and manage our water resources. We are able to accurately monitor our water usage and lessen the wear and tear on the well pump. The WM allows us to use our well more effectively and provides a lot of benefits in conditions were the well is fairly productive; I would recommend the WM to any homeowner with a well.


A Great Product That Does What It Is Designed To Do

Background: When Ted and Vicki bought their home, there were two wells on the lot. By the time Ted’s dad discovered Well Manager there were three wells and they were still running out of water. With a Well Manager connected to the original well only, they now have a reasonable supply! Excerpts from their letter are below.

“…We have now had our system for about 18 months. The only problem we had was getting the timing calibrated to the yield of our original well. Since then, everything has worked as described. The only thing I would do differently would have been listen to Andy and hook up both wells. I am now planning to change over from the single well control to the two well panel as well as replace my pressure tank with the Well Manager Consistent Pressure system. Should have listened to Andy the first time. A great product that does what it is designed to do. Thanks!!”


I Can Highly Recommend Their Water Supply Systems

Background: Historic New Baltimore is on the Hudson River. It offers interesting architecture, history, great views of the river, and an abundance of wildlife but wells there are poor. You can throw a stone into the river from Brian and Allison’s front yard but their 800-foot well yields only 0.3 gpm. Their meager supply also had sulfur and methane problems so the water they did get smelled terrible. When they bought the house, a system was installed to take care of the gas and smell problem and to help with the low yield but the filter associated with the system left them without water every third day when it backwashed.

The possibility of drilling a new well was discussed but the layout of their property made is difficult to set up a drilling rig anywhere but in the immediate vicinity of the existing well so odds of success were poor.

A WM160M-50 Well Manager with the optional spray boom fill and a Consistent Pressure Module was installed. The spray boom took care of the gas and odor problem and the Well Manager timed collection system took care of the low yield. Since they now had enough water to fund the backwash the carbon filter was left to polish the water before delivery to the house. The end result is best expressed in his wife’s smile and Brian’s own words:

“I can highly recommend their water supply systems. Andy Reid has invented an incredible system that will turn your stressful water shortage life into one that is stress-free and bountiful. I am so impressed with the Well Manager, that I want to tell everyone about it. Andy is a stand-up guy. He is knowledgeable, honest and stands behind his product like few others today. You know that you’re not just hearing a sales pitch when Andy talks to you. You are hearing a real solution to a real problem. We are so pleased and surprised at the difference that the Well Manager has made. If you have a low yield well, and run out of water on occasion, don’t drill another well. Get a Well Manager!


Our Well Manager Runs Flawlessly

Background: Warren is the second owner of this house and learned about the water situation in New Jersey’s Sourland Mountains after moving in. At this point four of Warren’s near neighbors have Well Manager Systems, a situation which has helped reduce the stress on the aquifer in their immediate area and this, in return, has reduced the stress in their lives.

“When we purchased our home over 20 years ago, we quickly learned to live within the confines of two very inadequate wells. There was no sustained water pressure to speak of. Our showers needed to be quick as the puny water pressure would drop to a drizzle in minutes. A load of laundry, washing pots and pans and even a couple of toilet flushes would quickly stress out either well. Our daily usage had to be carefully planned and timed. When too much water was used, the expansion tank would fall below 40 lbs., pop the pump’s low-pressure cut-off and shut the well down. It would then require me to stand next to the pressure switch and hold the lever on the side up in order to restart the pump. Eventually, (and I mean eventually) water pressure would be restored. Life was not fun in the country.

About 12 years ago, neighbors with a similar problem had a Well Manager system installed. They claim to this day, it saved their marriage. When we considered the other options, including a new well (which not only was extremely expensive and had no guarantee), Well Manager became the perfect solution for us.

Our Well Manager runs flawlessly. We get good sustained pressure and can now enjoy nice long showers. There is even more than enough water to run the dishwasher, do a load or two of laundry and flush a toilet… and we’re not stressing the well. In fact, we now draw water at about half the previous rate – How’s that for being green!

If I hear anyone complaining about not getting enough water, I’d be more than happy to tell them to get a Well Manager!”


The Well Manger Has Been A Life Saver

Background: This home is in the Sourland Mountains of New Jersey, an area notorious for low yield wells. The Sourlands cover several counties and a number of municipalities and have been the subject of study, debate and water related zoning changes over the years. Thirty years ago, you could build a house on 1.5 acres and now some areas require 15 acres. Many of the early residents viewed the lack of water as a small price to pay for the serenity of the location but as time goes on fewer are willing to put up with the inconvenience.

“The Well Manager® has been a life saver. Before we had it installed, we had major problems with our water. It got so bad that my husband and I started taking showers at the YMCA, and my 4-year-old son got a bath every few days. We could only do one load of laundry per week. It was a nightmare. Now, with the Well Manager, we can take multiple showers per day (important in the summer!), bathe our son, AND do multiple loads of laundry EVERY day. Sure, Well Manager is a lot of money, but it is well worth the money. If I knew then what I know now, I would have had Well Manager installed as soon as we moved into the house. Thanks again!”


What A Marvel The Well Manager System Is

For those who are wondering how long a Well Manager might last, the simple answer is we do not know. The reason we cannot answer the question is that the first systems we built are still out there doing what they were built to do. The following is an email from a customer who bought a Well Manager.

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t remind myself what a marvel the Well Manager system is. It’s hard not to as it sits just inside my basement where I go every day to feed my dogs and cats. The system sits there doing its job day after day. I recently came across the pamphlets for the system as I’m weeding out old files and throwing away a lot of stuff. I’ve gone to your web site over the years and watched the changes and improvements you’ve implemented in the newer Well Manager systems; better, longer lasting components, more compact, pumps in the tank and in the water where it absorbs the noise. Several years ago, I had a local plumbing company install a Kinetico whole house water softener and a kitchen faucet with a reverse osmosis filtration system.

Keep up the great work.”


The Well Manager Has Worked Perfectly

Background: California had been in a pretty severe drought and Bob and his neighbor in Shingle Springs, California, were experiencing well problems as the water table dropped.

Bob’s neighbor decided on a 3000-gallon tank system that local contractors offered. Bob decided on the WM210CPV-50LPC but could not decide whether or not to buy a second tank for additional storage.

As the drought in California continued, we began to wonder how Bob was doing. When we inquired, we got the email reply below. As you can see Bob is having no water problems though many others in his part of the country are having severe problems.

“The Well Manager has worked perfectly. I wish that I would have purchased more water storage at the time. My lawn sprinkler system will empty the tank in 20 minutes or less. So, what I did to resolve that issue is schedule the sprinklers to come on three times a day for just a few minutes each time during non-peak hours. As far as the Well Manager’s performance, I always have water available and awesome water pressure. I highly recommend the Well Manager to anyone who has seasonally low water volume in their well.”


Everything You Said It Would Be, And More

For those reluctant to do business over the internet when it comes to a large purchase like a Well Manager: We sell Well Manager systems over the internet every day to people from Alaska to Honduras and ship their systems by truck, boat and even commercial airline on occasion. There is a leap of faith required but people have seen us on the web for a long time helping folks with poor wells get the water they need. Every once in a while, someone will send us an unsolicited note to express their thanks for our help. The following is just such an email which, I think, speaks for itself.

“Just a quick note of thanks; I picked up my Well Manager on Monday, and with the help of a very precise instruction manual, got it installed on Tuesday. As of this writing, it seems to be everything you said it would be, and more. I’m sure that time will tell the tale, but so far it seems to be the answer.

Thanks for a prompt, professional experience. In today’s Internet environment, it helps to maintain a healthy amount of skepticism. In the case of you and the Well Manager, things were exactly as they were advertised– or even a bit better.

Although this project was for my personal home, I have two rental cabins here in the wilds of Arkansas that may also be candidates for a Well Manager. I look forward to working with you in the future.”


Working Perfectly For Several Months Now

Background: James was debating buying a complete Well Manager with the features he wanted. In the end, he bought a WM210CPV-50LPC Well Manager which gave him consistent pressure in a complete system that required minimal installation. We had not heard from James again until the email below arrived.

“I just wanted to let you know that the Well Manager has been installed and working perfectly for several months now. We are still in a major drought, but have never run out of water, and many people around here have. I may have only 50 or so gallons in the well at any one time, but I’ve always got the 200 in my garage, and until I installed the WM I had no way of getting water into the house if the well did run out. It still may, one never knows. My softener/treatment system has screwed up a couple of times since the WM installation and dumped the whole tank instead of the 50 or so gallons that it should have taken for a regeneration cycle. I believe your system saved my well pump, as it would have run the well dry, and there is no flow detector or anything to stop the motor; Pretty scary. I’m an eighth of a mile from, and about 100 feet higher than the well, so I doubt that’s an inexpensive motor! Thank you again for the greater peace of mind that you’ve helped create.”


Capabilities Of This System Were Critical In Our Decision

"We purchased the 210 gallon Well Manager with the dual well upgrade. The capabilities of this system were critical in our decision to close on a beautiful 2-acre lot with multiple wells and very poor yield. With a single connection to an 800ft well producing an abysmal 1/10 of gallon per minute and another available 300ft well with about the same, we modeled our water consumption and armed with 10 years of personal water usage data, yield reports for the two wells on the property, and consultation from [our local plumber], we made a calculated risk to proceed.

My only regret is the delay it took me to write this testimonial."


Definitely Working As Advertised

It is going on the 2nd week since my Well Watcher has been installed, and it is definitely working as advertised. Due to a past earthquake in the area and two new neighbors that built homes next door, the output and static level of my well became severely diminished. The Well Watcher after installation took about two days to fill up the tank, but that was because in filling it the flow meter was as set low as possible at about 6 gals. per hour to prevent my well from running dry, and that is still my current setting. Yes, my well is terrible, but now my family of 4 has the ability to do the laundry, run the dishwasher, wash the car, and we no longer have to take Navy showers. This is all in one day without running out of water, and the Well Watcher will be full the next morning. I found the design to be well thought out, and the quality of workmanship of the unit is excellent. The installation I found, was mostly plug and play, plumb water from pressure tank to the Well Watcher with filters, plumb a bypass, plumb water out to the house, plug it in, flip the switches – done- then wait for the tank to fill, but I hired a plumber just to be safe. One more thing, the way the unit was shipped to prevent damage was really clever.


The Well Manager Has Been Fantastic

Background: Chris called as he was getting ready to build a house in an area of Quebec where the odds of getting a good well were poor.

“The Well Manager has been fantastic. When we drilled our well we only got about 2.5 gallons/minute at 400 feet. Since we knew that 2.5 gallons/minute was more than enough for the Well Manager, we didn’t have to keep drilling or frack, which would have been expensive options. Our driller thought we were crazy because he didn’t know how the Well Manager worked. We have been more than happy with the result. The Well Manager keeps us well stocked with water, we never run out, even at Christmas when the house is full of guests and family. A secondary benefit is that the water pressure throughout the house is just like city water. Our plumber remarked at how good our pressure was as he wasn’t used to that in our area. We easily run two showers at once, and no one gets the cold shock when someone flushes the toilet during a shower. A tertiary benefit is that when the power goes out for a long time, as sometimes happens where we are, we have water.

I would never put another well in without a Well Manager.



We Now Have Extra Water to Use

Background: Tom lives in an area notorious for poor wells. The neighbors run out if they are not careful.

“Under heavy demand the well would run dry. The recharge rate is ½ gpm. The Well Manager provides all the water that we need daily and always has lots of extra water on hand. Our tanks are usually always full.”


We Have Plenty of Water Now

Background: A large home under ten years old. Wells in the neighborhood were suffering.

Before Well Manager we couldn’t run the dishwasher and the washer at the same time! Now we can shower, wash clothes, run the dishwasher and have plenty of water!! We even installed a sprinkler system for our lawn. This has been possible only with the Well Manager.”


Increased Water Pressure Makes a Difference

“The main difference with the Well Manager is water pressure. We get more pressure with longer use of water from many outlets.”


The following are reviews from people who live with a Herculan Constaboost Static Storage System™. They have volunteered these comments and authorized us and our Dealers to use them to advertise Herculan Constaboost Static Storage System™.

The System Is Great

The Howlands live on a parcel adjacent to an irrigation canal in Nebraska not far from the Wyoming border. Their original shallow well does best when there is water in the canal and suffers when there is not. A new 70’ well was drilled last summer and tested at 4 to 5 gallons per minute. In some places this would be considered a pretty good well but in a state where wells of this depth with twice that capacity are still considered low yield, it was nothing to brag about and was cause for concern. Dan found us on the internet and, after much study, purchased a Herculan ConstaBoost Static Storage System model SSPB-165WS50. Shortly after the unit was installed we received this picture and an e-mail which included the following comments:

“I have been using this for a week now and it is great. We are running the well, refilling at .75 gallons per minute, and no complaints!

I am going to put our new well on line this spring. It was drilled last summer and was tested at 4-5 gallons per minute. This will make the system really work great. At the .75 gallons per minute from our old well, I worry about it but so far there have been no problems. I am not in a hurry in get our new well on line.

Thanks again for your help and the great service and response to all my questions during the set up and installation phase as well as the purchase and shipping phase.”


Customer Service Is First Rate

Phil turned up on our web site Live Chat today to report that the pump in his system would not run. We determined the reason and told him what to do to get it going again. Phil’s problem was solved and the system was running again in under an hour. This update was added at his request – as he said in the email he sent, he wants people to know;

“….customer service is first rate!”


Your System Is A Real Money & Worry Saver

I have it set that I only take a gallon every 6 minutes from our pressure system because my well is such a low yield-er, but that still gives me a potential of about 240 gallons a day and we use about half of that with two adults and two horses.

In my area wells are very deep and need multiple attempts to find water, so your system is a real money and worry saver.


People from all walks of life have installed their own Well Manager® systems. Some did it to save money and others because they were so far out in God’s Country that there was no one else to do it. All either had a working knowledge of electrical wiring and piping or knew someone else who did. These projects were staffed by fathers-in-law, Dads, neighbors, friends, and in one case a daughter.

These pictures represent the labor of folks who were so fed up living with their poor wells that they took matters into their own hands. Every one of them is rightfully proud of the job they did and happy with the result they achieved. They were so pleased that they offered to share their story and pictures with you.

System Fit In A Tight Space

Lou’s 3 bedroom, 2 bath home has a 750’ well that started out producing 2.5 gpm but production fell off slowly over time until he felt compelled to contact us in June of 2005 when the yield was so poor that he would run out of water on weekends when everyone was home.

Part of Lou’s problem was that he just did not have much room for additional equipment in his tiny mechanical space. The well had a chlorinating system with contact tank because of an iron bacteria problem so he needed to retain that. The nice thing about the Well Manager was that he could eliminate the chlorinating system’s contact tank because the Well Manager tank would serve that function but, in 2005 the only Well Manager that would fit in the room did not hold enough water so he was looking at other locations to install a system.

When our new 210 gallon systems became available in 2006, the space problem was solved and Lou found the answer to his problems. There were quite a few plumbing changes required to reconfigure his well and water treatment systems. Lou’s mechanical abilities are evident in the before and after pictures he provided. Nice job, Lou!


Happy With The Outcome

Walt bought Consistent Pressure Module to use on his existing well pump. He installed the unit himself.

Walt is an engineer who had a friend with a problem. When her geothermal heat pump ran it caused the well pump to cycle every 1.5 minutes. With the hottest weather of the year approaching something had to be done or he would be replacing the pump. The well yield was adequate so he needed a way to modulate the well pump outlet. He could have changed the pump to a variable speed but a CP Module seemed a much simpler solution.

You can tell by the look on Walt’s face that he was pretty happy with the outcome. A very nice job indeed! The unit fit into the small space quite easily and fixed the problem in short order.


Your Product Has Saved Me From Drilling Another Well

I have run my “Low Yield” well dry on numerous occasions. The well only produces one eighth of a gallon of water per minute. After reviewing your very informative website and discussing my situation and needs with you on the phone, I believe that I have made a good decision in buying your well manager 425 CP unit.

I installed the unit myself and found the instruction manual to be complete and easy to understand, making the set up quick and easy… was up and running in two hours. Everything worked properly the first time. I am impressed with your quality control and pre-shipment checkout.

The constant pressure feature is great. To have high pressure showers is very nice. The washing machine fills faster and the cycles are running in less time. Best of all is knowing that I have water when I want it and when I need it. The well manager has also allowed me to live off the stored water while I cleaned and disinfected my well.

Thank you for all your advice and for the excellent product. It has saved me from drilling another well that may not have produced any more water than the first. I have recommended the well manager to my neighbors who also have low yield wells and run out of water. I am very happy with your product and “thank you” again.


Our Lawn Is Bright Green, While Our Neighbors’ Is Brown

Occasionally we ask a Well Manager owner if they would mind speaking to a prospect who asked to talk with someone who has lived with a Well Manager system for a year or two. I have never had anyone refuse to do that and most are enthusiastic because they remember what life was like before their Well Manager was installed. On this occasion I contacted two owners in the same area as the interested person. One offered to speak on the phone and the other, Greg Denalsky, sent the following email and pictures.

I’ve had a Well Manager for about 4 years and it’s been everything I could have wanted.

Let me tell you a little about our situation here in Granby, Ct. Granby is a small town of about 10,000 people and the majority of them are on wells. After building our house we drilled a 500 plus foot well that produced about 2 gpm. With a low yield well and low pressure, we decided to contact you about a possible solution. We could not water our lawn sufficiently and when we did our well was so low we needed to install a drinking water filter because of sediment. After much deliberation we decided the Well Manager was a perfect solution for our low yield and pressure.

I wish you could see our lawn compared to our neighbors. We live on about 1.5 acres and our neighbors on each side have brown grass while ours is bright green.


The Installation Was Very Easy To Do

Tijeras, (pronounced Taheras) is in the mountains east of Albuquerque, New Mexico at an elevation of about 7,000’ MSL. There’s not a lot of water up there but many enjoy the quiet beauty. It is home to a lot of self sufficient folks who are used to fending for themselves. Richie had a pretty good well considering the area but when he saw the well yield declining he decided to do something about it before it was too late.

The Barnes residence has a crawl space with a dirt floor. The WM210CPH was the perfect system as it is only 48” high. Richie leveled out a spot, put down some pressure treated boards and set the unit on them.

I am very pleased with the complete Well Manager System I purchased. The installation was very easy to do for anyone with basic skills in Plumbing and Electrical. The recovery of my well had dropped to about 3-4 gallons a minute from about 15 gallons per minute when drilled 26 years ago. I felt that my best bet was to install your system so I would have a constant water pressure in the house without overworking the well.


The Well Manager System Has Worked Flawlessly

We purchased our rural home in northeastern Washington State …on 20 acres, in what has turned out to be a wonderful little community. Shortly after purchasing the property I determined that the well was going to be an issue. I had the well tested during the inspection period but I didn’t realize that just because the well pump works doesn’t really tell you much. One day I was running a lawn sprinkler and it just shut off after about 20 minutes.

I’d made an appointment with a well pump Service Company to come out and see what was going on. The owner, a very helpful man named Theron, came over and tested the output of the well. My sorry little well put out less than 1/3 of a gallon per minute without the water level dropping. So the pump guy offered a couple of options. I could drill a new well or I could add an in-ground tank fed by the well pump along with a separate jet pump to feed the house.

I made a call to the largest well drilling company in town. They could either drill a new well or they could remove my pump and pit-less adapter and drill my existing well deeper. He said that more than likely the wires running from the breaker panel to the well were too small for the larger pump and that would require digging a 500 ft’ trench to the well, etc, etc, etc. The price kept getting higher and more than once he reminded me that there was no guarantee the well would produce any more than I was currently getting.

I called Theron back and asked him to tell me about his in-ground tank and jet pump solution. He explained some possible layouts and estimated it would cost about $2800. At some point he mentioned something called a PumpTec. That simple two syllable word was the key to finding my solution. I searched the Internet for PumpTec and one of the hits was your website. I spent a lot of time that night learning about the Well Manager System. I really liked what I was reading. Even though the price was comparable to drilling a new well I understood how my current low yield well could slowly but surely fill a storage tank. It all made sense.

I filled out your questionnaire and I got a call from you the very next day. We spoke a few times over the next week. Never once did I feel like you were just trying to make a sale. You were genuinely interested in my situation and finding a solution that would work for me. I never felt pressured to buy and more importantly for me you never made me feel stupid while explaining the system to me. I told you I’d give this some thought and call you back in a few days if I had any more questions.

A few days later I phoned you and placed the order. It arrived at the freight depot the following week so I drove the 100 miles down to get it. We got the system home and carefully unloaded it. Since you had already told me the size of the condensation pan as well as some suggestions on making sure the floor where the tank was going would support the load we were ready to start the installation the next day. The guy that was helping me with the plumbing said he had heard about some sort of system like this but didn’t think it was going to work. He also said that I could have spent my money better by drilling a deeper well. When I told him the quotes I’d received and that I was comfortable in my decision that this was the best way to go he basically said, “I guess we will see”.

I followed the instructions for powering everything up and was pretty excited watching the tank fill. Based on your installation manual and your help over the phone I set the timer to ON for 1 minute and OFF for 20 minutes. It’s been that way since day one and it seems to be working just fine.

It works wonderfully! There are four of us living here. My lovely wife Myra, our adult son Jeremy and our high school aged daughter Savannah. Myra has never had a problem with having enough water for laundry, dishes, etc. We can water the lawn around the house and have no problems keeping the horses, the goat, the dogs, cats and chickens watered. Even my daughter is happy now that she can take as long of a shower as she likes.

Thank you Andy for developing the Well Manager System. Drilling a new well or deepening our existing well might have worked but it was a very expensive risk that I couldn’t afford to take. The Well Manager has done everything you said it would and it has worked flawlessly now for almost 3 years.


Everything Is Working Great

It’s been about a year since I installed my system, and everything is working great. All winter my neighbors have had well companies parked in their driveways as they either dig deeper or hydrofract. Meanwhile we had a full house over the holidays (8 people, with one who is obsessive about doing laundry every day), and didn’t even come close to running out of water.

After a year of successful use, I’m thinking about expanding my capacity to drive a sprinkler system (the system was already in the lawn; I estimate I’ll need about 600 gal a day to water a full inch per week).

1. He is working from the same aquifer as the neighbors. The neighbors decided they could convince nature to give up more water and Matt chose to take the more gentle approach and get in step with nature. Sounds like Matt has plenty of water and the neighbors don’t.

2. Having an adequate water supply has a huge impact on quality of life. It frees you to plan the day around family needs rather than water availability and it allows you to expand your horizons. Many people have written to say that they have added a bathroom or modernized their plumbing after installing one of our systems when before they could barely function. Some were so fed up that they were thinking about selling and now they are making plans and improvements where they are.


Confident Our Water Problems Have Been Solved

After 2 weeks of operation, I am very confident that the Well Manager and pressure module have solved our water problems. We now have excellent water pressure throughout the house, even when using multiple fixtures. We are a five person, 1 & 2 half bath household and I can’t imagine running out of water now. After 2 weeks of close observation, I have never seen less than 110 gallons in the tank, so we are considering adding a shower stall to one of the half baths.

The back pressure gauge on the flow element gives us a good handle on our water usage versus well production, and so far it looks like we’ve gained a few feet in the well. Additionally, the storage tank gives us greatly increased contact time (for chlorine injection) to treat a stubborn sulfur problem. (As I am writing this, my wife is folding laundry and looking over my shoulder and she swears the clothes are much cleaner since going on the Well Manager).


I Installed It Myself With Ease

Gary and his wife purchased a house from his employer, Lycoming County, Penna. Gary thought he had checked the property over thoroughly until he ran out of water shortly after moving in. The County did everything they could to help the Staggerts resolve the problem but things were looking grim until Gary discovered Well Manager.

The Story in Gary’s words:

"My wife and I purchased a home located in central PA. We are a young couple and everything seemed to be going great for us. We had all types of inspections done to this home before purchasing, but never thought to have a well yield test done and nothing was mentioned in the disclosure about any past problems with the water.

After one week in the house we ran out of water and burned up the well pump. After notifying the sellers (which was the County we lived in and the one I worked for) they were more than willing to help make things right. We installed a new well pump and a Pump Tec pump protector giving us water again, but this did not solve the biggest problem which was the quantity of water I had.

After talking with some people and doing some research I found out that this problem has always existed with this home along with others in the area and it was mentioned in the disclosure when the County purchased the home from the past residents. Now the County was even more willing to work with me on getting this problem taken care of, so I requested to have the well hydro-fractured which did not help as the well yield was still only 1/3gpm (Note: I have seen some great results with this process on other wells).

From this point I had a lot of people trying to talk me into installing a 500 or 1000 gallon underground storage tank system in my yard but I could not get myself to like this type of system for a lot of reasons. At this point I thought I was running out of options so I started doing a lot of research and searched the Web in an attempt to find the best alternative for my problem. This is when I came across the Well Manager.

After looking over some of the literature it appeared to me that this was the ticket. I presented the Well Manager system to the County (the sellers) and they agreed to help cover the cost of whichever system I decided to go with. After communicating with Andy Reid I decided to go with the WM160M-50 system with the Consistent Pressure Module. I installed it myself with ease (great instructions) and it is working wonderfully. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders because I now have the water quantity to live a normal life without the worry."


Well Has Not Run Dry During Dought

We have been in a drought situation in Central Texas for several years now; The last two have been severe. So far my well has not run dry and I attribute that good fortune to the Well Management System. Just as you pointed out when I first got the system, it is very easy to forget that it is doing its job 24/7. I have two 200 gallon storage tanks and that seems about right for me. My timer is set to activate the well pump for three minutes each hour. Some things that I particularly like about your system are:

Self monitoring and shut down if a problem is detected. For example, if there is no flow from the well the system turns off the pump within five seconds.

The ability to program (not at all complicated) the timer to activate at selected times for the specified amount of time.
The ability to bypass the well pump timer with the flip of a switch. That is useful when watering the lawn, etc.
Water pressure. It is great.

One of the things that I appreciate most about the system is your expert advice and willingness to help with any questions. For example, my son also installed a well manager after he saw mine. He recently called you with questions about the pressure pump, and an O-ring that he needed. You answered in detail all of his questions, told him where to find a spare O-ring that was shipped with the system, and sent another O-ring so he would still have a spare.

Thank you Andy for an excellent product, and for friendly expert service before, during, and years after the sale.


The Well Manager Is Like Magic

Sometimes it takes people a while to make the decision to buy a Well Manager. Well Manager just seems to be too good to be true or some local contractor convinces them to hydrofract, drill a new well or buy their job built system which is “just as good” as a Well Manager and costs less. Sometimes the local expert simply says “that will never work.”

Many of those who initially choose another option or defy the naysayers become Well Manager owners. Once they see what a Well Manager can do they become so enthusiastic that they want to tell others. John Rogers of Tijeras, New Mexico purchased his Well Manager after considering the purchase for some time. John needed a place to install the system so he had a new well house built then installed the Well Manager himself.

John’s story in his words from an email:

"We moved to the mountains east of Albuquerque 31 years ago. We cleared the land for a house and had a well drilled. We new nothing about water wells. The driller said that he had hit water at 90 feet and continued down to 220 feet. He also said that the well was producing 7 gallons per minute. Over the years we would periodically run out of water, but if we shut the well pump down for a few hours we could still get water. It was not a warm fuzzy feeling. As our area became dryer and dryer and neighbors complained of well problems, we started looking for alternatives.

The Well Manager is like magic. We measured the well production and found that over the years the static water level had remained the same but the well production was down to half a gallon a minute. That explains why sometimes we ran out of water. Now we have all of the water we need. We even have a “savings account “of water thanks to extra 210 gallon tank that we bought. We have plenty of pressure thanks to the constant pressure module, something we never had with the old pressure tank. Most importantly we know we will have water. This has been the most important and significant upgrade that we have ever made to our home."


Well Manager Hasn’t Let Us Down All Summer

I completed the install the first week of May and our Well Manager hasn’t let us down all summer. We supported two homes on the output while most folks out here on the ridge were having water trucked in.


End The Aggravation & Get A Well Manager System

It took me a little time but I finally installed the WM, Consistent Pressure Module. I don’t know how to thank you enough! Everything worked perfectly and I couldn’t be happier! You and your product are amazing. I was very impressed how you had everything set up from just the pictures and measurements I sent you.

I have dealt with a poor yield and quality well from the day we installed it. After drilling 600′ deep and casing the entire way we decided to stop dumping money in the ground and install a storage system. The storage system the well driller installed was crude but worked at the time and saved us further aggravation so we thought. We assumed that the well would always be an issue that we would have to deal with. Over the course of about 5 years since we built our house the system started to break down (the centrifugal pump would trip, the shut off wouldn’t work so the tanks would overflow, the pump would run too much and create a lot of sediment) we knew it was time to look at other options. We did some research online and found your website and system to be the answer we were looking for. Your response time was great when we inquired about your product and you were very helpful with giving us multiple options for us to select from. Once the choice was made to make a hybrid system using our tanks with your components it was only days until you had the box at our house. I installed the system myself and was very impressed with everything you supplied. You can tell how much thought and experience went into your products at first glance and only increases as you set it up. We have two 200 gallon tanks which now stay full or nearly full at all times with water that is as clear as spring water! We also have pressure like city water which was another great bonus.

I thank you once again and would urge anyone reading this with well issues to end the aggravation and get a Well Manager system. I will certainly tell everyone about your company and wonderful product!”


Easy To Install & A Great System

My wife and I purchased a Well Manager. It was easy to install and a great system. I should have sent in a testimonial a while ago but I wanted to see for myself. Well we have not run out of water since and it gives us a great deal of relief knowing we can be normal. We still conserve water because folks who are in, or have been in a situation of running out of water know how valuable water is.


We Have Eliminated Our Well Water Problem

When you buy a Well Manager® you get more than a great system, you get a team whose goal is to put you in control of your water resource so you can have a decent shower, do the wash at home and get on with life. It is amazing how fast you can cure a water problem that has plagued you for years. All it takes is a few hours and a Well Manager.

Everything is working fine and we have eliminated our well water problem. Wish I would have known about your Well Manager’s years ago.


It’s Such A Great Feeling To Have Plenty Of Water

We are a family of 6 with a low producing well. While the WM has helped out a lot over the years, we never really had enough water to be truly comfortable.

Sure, things got better when we had consistent rain and worse when we didn’t.

I experimented with the settings and I eventually figured out the proper timing for our well. The problem was, our well pressure was really low and the amount of water that we’d receive each day from those pulls just wasn’t cutting it. So out of desperation, I’d change the setting to pull for just 10 or 20 seconds longer each time and we’d end up with more water — temporarily.

Understanding well theory and living with the results are two different things, especially when the wife is complaining about lack of water all the time.

Anyway, things got really bad here in June. We had hardly any water for day to day life and we seriously considered spending $7-$10K on another well. We started to hate this house. Around the same time, we had a new liner put into our above ground swimming pool and we needed to have water delivered (of course). Our pool requires 10,000 gallons and the tanker truck delivered only 6,000 at a time (2 deliveries = 12,000 gallons which is 2,000 too many).

So I had an idea.

I adjusted the well settings to what I knew was proper for our well, and then I pumped the excess 2,000 gallons from our swimming pool into our well. Of course, this boosted the well pressure significantly and we had a full tank of water each morning for weeks. This much was expected.

Knowing that we use approx. 700 gallons per day as a family, I figured at worst, the 2,000 gallons would last us a couple of weeks and then we might go back into the same pattern as before.

What I didn’t expect is that 4 months later, our pathetic well is still producing plenty of water despite a pretty serious drought in these parts. The tank is almost always full and we haven’t skipped a shower or visited the Laundromat since mid-June.

The best I can figure is this:

• Getting the timing right meant that we always requested less water than the well produced.
• Adding pool water to the well gave us the cushion we needed to continue living our lives while waiting for the well to recover. This is something that just wasn’t possible before due to our needs.
• Because the well has plenty of water now, the well pressure is consistently high so the WM tank fills itself faster than before, meaning that the well can now rest for 6-8 hours per day whereas before, it was always pulling water without a break. This, of course, also helps the well recover.

The full tank light on the panel is real and it’s not a gimmick ☺

It’s such a great feeling to have plenty of water. As long as we’re careful and we don’t waste water, I’m starting to think that this could be a permanent solution. I’m looking around at all of the dried up ponds and creeks and I am so thankful that I have a WM system and that I think I’ve finally figured it out.


This Product Does EXACTLY What They State It Does

Review of the WM210MLH Well Manager®.

My well was only producing .77 GPM for my family of five, not good. All my neighbors’ wells are 400′ deep while mine is only 130′. Three different well companies each gave rough estimates of $10,000 just to drill down to the presumed 400′ depth. That price did not include raising my power lines for the drill truck to get in or any parts needed.

There had to be a better way, I thought and so began to search the internet. My searches lead me to R the Well Manager. While pricy, the WM was thousands less than a new or re-drilled well that came with no guarantee. I was pleased to see the WM210MLH that would fit in my crawl space.

Once in place I spent two days slowly filling it about 2/3rds full then had my plumber connect it while I did the electrical work. The instruction book is written in plain “talk” language as if you were talking to Mr. Reid himself. After some calculations I was able to determine the time/cycle of the well pump and flipped the switch. To my delight the well pump turned on and began to feed/fill the holding tank. We then did a full test by back flushing my water softener (that I had to shut off as it would run the well dry). As the softener did its thing the WM kept its pace filling our bladder pressure tank when needed and asking for water from the well at its specified time. Within a little over an hour the softener had back flushed (approx. 40 gallons) and the WM tank had fill to its capacity without over taxing my well.

I went from dictating when my family could take showers, flushing toilets with water from a rain barrel, doing limited laundry, not running my softener system to living a normal life all in the matter of a few hours. This product does EXACTLY what they state it does; harvest water from your well at a given rate based on your wells production without over taxing it. Plus the safety checks on it will save your well pump from burning out just in case.

Thank you for a well thought out design solution for low yielding wells.


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