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Well Manager MuniBoost - Restore Volume And Pressure To Your City Water

Muniboost MB210CPV50

Improve Low Water Pressure and Restore Volume to your City Water

Homeowners across the country live with low water pressure and volume. This issue sometimes stems from clogged pipes. Other times, the problem is simply poor water pressure. While water suppliers may meet minimum standards (20 psi at 4 gpm), residents have no control over their water or its effectiveness.

The MuniBoost for repressurization can solve problems caused by your undersized or intermittent water service. Offering 50-70 psi at 10 gpm, the MuniBoost far exceeds minimum standards. From the shower to the dishwasher, you’ll see the difference in every corner of your home. Finally, your appliances can work like they were always meant to!

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The MuniBoost is a compact, 210-gallon tank that restores water pressure and volume in city/municipal supplies. Preassembled and easy to install, the MuniBoost steps in to save you time and improve the performance of your home appliances. This system is small enough to fit through a 24” door—but big enough to deliver real results in your home.

  • Delivers 50-70 psi at 10 gpm
  • 210-gallon tank
  • Measures 26”W x 40”D x 73”H
  • Complete, preassembled system for quick installation (no digging involved)
  • Maintenance manual included
  • Tested for leaks and proper operation
  • Will fit through a 24” door
  • Can be used with water treatment equipment
  • Stored water for emergency situations



300 lbs


45 inches


26 inches


1/2 hp



Max Amps




Max Flow Rate


Min. Incoming Pressure


Max. Output Pressure

50-70psi/60psi constant

Gallons Per Minute


Inlet Diameter

1 inch

Outlet Diameter

1 inch

Can Your Water Use a Boost?

We use water for much more than drinking. That’s why the pressure and volume of your water is just as important as its taste. If you’re tired of sacrificing time and efficiency with low water pressure, contact us to learn more about the MuniBoost and its many benefits. You’ll be amazed at the difference this system can have on the performance of your municipal water system!


This product is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of original purchase. During this one year period, WELL MANAGER, LLC will replace any part that is found to be defective under normal use and service without charge. WELL MANAGER LLC’s obligation to replace defective parts shall be the purchaser’s sole remedy under this warranty. This warranty does not include normal maintenance and service and does not apply to any product or parts which have been subject to misuse, negligence, accident, improper maintenance or repair by service personnel not familiar with the product, faulty installation or installation contrary to recommended installation instructions.

There is no other express warranty. WELL MANAGER, LLC hereby disclaims any and all implied warranties, including but not limited to, those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose to the extent permitted by law.

Components may be warranted for periods longer than listed above. These warranties are offered by the component manufacturer, not by Well Manager, LLC. Purchasers’ sole remedy for defective components beyond the previously stated one-year warranty is through the component manufacturer.

HDPE Water Storage Tanks

3 Years

Well-X-Trol Tanks

5 Years

Stay-Rite Dominator Pumps

1 Year

Franklin Pumps

2 Years

Metal Condensate Pans

2 Years


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Product Information Sheet

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“The main difference with the Well Manager is water pressure. We get more pressure with longer use of water from many outlets.”


Background: A large home under ten years old. Wells in the neighborhood were suffering.

Before Well Manager we couldn’t run the dishwasher and the washer at the same time! Now we can shower, wash clothes, run the dishwasher and have plenty of water!! We even installed a sprinkler system for our lawn. This has been possible only with the Well Manager.”


Background: Tom lives in an area notorious for poor wells. The neighbors run out if they are not careful.

“Under heavy demand the well would run dry. The recharge rate is ½ gpm. The Well Manager provides all the water that we need daily and always has lots of extra water on hand. Our tanks are usually always full.”


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