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Introducing: The Well Watcher Well Management System

Introducing: The Well Watcher Well Management System

Many homeowners have a private well that doesn’t provide enough water for daily tasks like doing the dishes or taking a shower. At Well Manager, we understand how hard it can be when you don’t have the water that your family needs. That’s why we provide permanent and temporary water supply solutions for customers all over the country.

Our well management systems can store more water and create greater water pressure from wells that were considered unusable only a short time ago. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Well Watcher to our lineup of Well Manager products. Here’s why the Well Watcher may be the right fit for your family:

It Provides the Water That You Need

The Well Watcher is a complete well management system for wells that yield as little as 0.10 gallons per minute (gpm). Water harvesting is controlled by a float and an adjustable needle valve that limit collection from 0.10 to 5.5 gpm. You can manage your water usage by viewing your stored water, and additional water is stored for emergency situations.

It Creates Consistent Water Pressure

This system uses your existing well pressure switch and pressure tank to deliver a consistent water pressure of 60 psi, an ideal amount for a home. The Well Watcher monitors the well pump current and automatically shuts off the flow in the event of a dry run.

It Is Easy to Install and Maintain

Installation, setup, and maintenance can all be done manually, and this system is quick and easy to install. Additionally, you can replace the pump without draining or opening the tank.

It Fits in Your Crawlspace

The Well Watcher will fit comfortably in your crawlspace, well house, or low-ceiling area. It will go through a 24-inch door, and it is light enough to move with a hand truck. This system takes up less space than a large chest freezer and is available in the following sizes:

  • Vertical Orientation: 27 ¼”W x 49½”D x 73”H
  • Horizontal Orientation: 27”W x 67”L x 49”H
  • Low Horizontal Orientation: 39”W x 67”L x 39”H

It Offers More Water Storage

The Well Watcher’s 210-gallon water storage tank for your well is rectangular, which allows it to hold more water than round tanks while taking up less floor space. These storage tanks meet FDA regulations for potable water and feature extra-heavy-duty walls.

See all the features of the Well Watcher in the video below:


It Is Available Now

Want to learn more about the Well Watcher or other low flow well solutions from Well Manager? Call 800-211-8070 or contact us online to talk to one of Well Manager’s water supply solution experts and get a free estimate.

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