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How Well Manager Helps With Well Water Contamination

How Well Manager Helps With Well Water Contamination

The recommendation for having your well water tested for possible contamination is once a year for bacterial growth and once every five years for the presence of chemicals. This type of schedule ensures that the water supplied to your home remains safe for both consumption and everyday use. Well water can become contaminated over time through corrosion in your pipes, water runoff, and other sources. However, there are smarter ways to control your water usage that helps with contamination.

Causes of Well Water Contamination

Well water contamination comes from a variety of sources. Two of the main causes of contamination stem from surface water intrusion and overpumping your well. Surface water entering your well can bring a host of harmful contaminants that negatively affect the quality of your water supply. It is another reason why you should test your well water at regular intervals to ensure its quality. Multiple areas of your home rely on clean water, so ensuring that your entire home has access to clean and usable water is of the highest priority. When your well is overpumped, the likelihood of leakage from the storage tanks reentering the well’s water supply. 

How Well Manager Can Help

Our system uses storage tanks that refill themselves as they get used for your household’s day-to-day activities. Through a traditional pumping system, there would be a chance that some of the water contained in the supplemental tanks could be siphoned out and reintroduced into the well. Depending on what that particular tank was storing water for, it could lead to potential contamination. However, given how our system is designed, it is physically impossible for the reserve tanks’ contents to be siphoned and introduced back into the well. 

Fighting to ensure that your well water has enough clean and safe water for you and is protected from accidental contamination is vital. An RO Repressurization system can help protect your household from such contamination. The RO Repressurization system will maintain the pressure throughout your system while delivering the cleanest water. 

Are you suffering from a low water pressure well? Do you need additional water storage tanks for your well system? Contact the Well Manager team today to learn more about our products!

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