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How The Well Manager® System Combats Summer Droughts

How the Well Manager® System Combats Summer Droughts

Summertime droughts have created issues for low-yield wells for generations. A well’s ability to provide a consistent water supply all year round is greatly affected by how often it rains. In more arid climates where rain can be hard to come by for extended periods, the well’s delicate ecosystem can be quickly thrown out of balance. For homes in these drought-prone areas, living in the reality of having to micromanage your household’s water consumption is a stressful yearly exercise. However, while you cannot control how often it rains, you can control how your well regulates and increases well water pressure for your home’s needs with a Well Manager® system! But, how does a Well Manager® system combat persistent drought conditions? 

Prevents Overpumping 

One of the dangers your well faces during a drought comes from overpumping. If throughout the day the members of your household use too much water and the faucets begin to sputter, you run the risk of overpumping your well. Overpumping happens when the surrounding groundwater does not have enough time to refill the well. With a Well Manager® system installed, the well water regulates in such a way that the system can draw from a storage pool instead of the main well supply. We can ease the amount of stress placed upon your well and give it time to refill naturally. 

Timed Fill Ups

The Well Manager® system addresses keeping the storage system full and prevents drawing from the main well supply through a timed refilling system. At regular intervals, whether water is being drawn or not, the Well Manager® system will use water from the central well to fill the storage unit that supplies the home. By not drawing directly from the well to address the current water needs of the home, your well has the change to refill itself throughout the day naturally. This is especially beneficial during a drought since it allows your well the time to recover under such extreme conditions. 

Droughts cause excess stress for homeowners throughout the year. With a Well Manager® system installed, your well will see increases in productivity, even during prolonged periods of drought. Utilizing a well pressure tank can maintain your desired water pressure and keep the overall health of your well at optimal levels. 

For more information on the Well Manager® System, contact the Well Manager team today!

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