Herculan ConstaBoost™ for City Water

ConstaBoost™ (Booster Pump System)

Does the water from your shower have such low pressure that it feels like it takes forever to rinse off? Low water pressure may not only be frustrating, but it can cost you time as well, whether you’re washing the dishes or waiting for the bath to fill. Fortunately, there is a reliable solution for homeowners with low pressure wells or city water, and there is no need to contact a well driller or plumber. The ConstaBoost™ (Booster Pump System), available for both wells and city water, may be the answer to your low water pressure woes.

Those who frequently have no water and are on a well water system may need a Well Manager® to achieve the desired results. Contact us today to help determine which of our water solutions is right for your home.

ConstaBoost™ (Booster Pump System) for City Water

If you’re experiencing problems with no water pressure and you have city water, your first instinct may be to call a plumber. However, if you have ongoing intermittent water pressure issues, then there is likely another problem besides clogged pipes, which a plumber would not be able to correct. If you are experiencing low or no water pressure due to being at the end of the line for your city water system, then a “boost” may be just what you need. The Herculan ConstaBoost™ (Booster Pump System) does that and more:
booster pump system

  • Provides consistent pressure & volume
  • Wall mounted — little space required
  • Pedestal mount hardware available
  • Built to last – 304 SS top flange
  • Easy to service
  • Waterproof switch provided
  • System completely wired
  • Overheat shuts motor down when PumpChamber™ temperature rises
  • Factory adjusted and tested
  • Installs in minutes without the need for a plumber
  • Many flow ranges available
  • Models for use with water service have auto shut down if inlet is shut off
  • Models for use with atmospheric storage:
    • Use low water float to protect pump
    • Have auto prime maintenance feature
    • Pull water from buried tanks
  • Use for:
    • Irrigation
    • Agriculture
    • Home fire sprinkler systems
    • Process water
    • Car wash
    • Inline booster for long pipe runs

This complete, consistent pressure system overcomes low pressure well problems without the need to call in a well driller. You can mount it on the wall or stand it upright on a pedestal mount. Simply connect to piping, run the power wire to the switch, and turn it on! Capacities range from 13 gallons per minute to more than 100 GPM; inlet and outlet sizes change with pump size. Plus, our patented PumpChamber™ makes it compact and quiet.

½ HP 120 volt unit is 29”W x 49.5”H x 14.5”D. The Herculan ConstaBoost™ (Booster Pump System) fits where other units won’t, is quiet when others aren’t, and delivers volume others can’t. It can be set up to run showers at 65 PSI+, so you’ll be sure to feel the difference.

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