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Increased water pressure. Reliable performance.

If you’re experiencing problems with water pressure and you have city water, your first instinct may be to call a plumber. However, the problem might not be clogged pipes. A “boost” may be what you need. Check out our solutions for city water below.

Constaboost to help with low yield water systems


Herculan ConstaBoost Systems can be combined with tank storage to make a system that will provide a constant water supply to a building that has intermittent service or to improve pressure and flow in a building supplied by a water pipe too small to carry the required peak demand flow rate.



The MuniBoost is a compact, 210-gallon tank that restores water pressure and volume in city/municipal supplies. Preassembled and easy to install, the MuniBoost steps in to save you time and improve the performance of your home appliances. This system is small enough to fit through a 24” door—but big enough to deliver real results in your home.

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