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Charity: Water – Our Newest Partner In Promoting Water Sustainability

Here at Well Manager, our mission is to provide well water solutions to the people who need them. Now, we are proud to announce our partnership with Charity: Water, an effort to increase the availability and accessibility of clean drinking water to those in need around the globe. As a corporate sponsor, we intend to donate $100 for every Well Manager, Herculan ConstaBoost or Well Watcher system sold, with a goal of raising $10,000 annually. This is our commitment to clean water that is accessible and sustainable for everyone.

Sponsoring A Project

What’s so exciting about this initiative is the fact that as a sponsor, we can bring clean water to entire towns, villages, and communities through our $10,000 sponsorship. At Charity: Water, 100 percent of our donation will be used to provide clean water to people who need it. We both envision a future where all people, no matter of their status, location, or wealth, can depend on a clean source of water for themselves and their loved ones.

How Can I Help?

By visiting the donation area of Charity: Water’s website, you or your company can learn more information about the donation process, or go right ahead with your next donation. 100% of donations will directly fund various water projects around the world. When the project is complete in 21 months, Charity: Water is providing sponsors with Google Maps GPS coordinates of the communities they served. Once you have those coordinates, get to sharing! You’ve made an incredible impact on the lives of people in these in-need communities, and you deserve to be proud. Hopefully, by sharing your accomplishment, other people will feel inspired by your good deeds and be moved to donate themselves.

Optimize Your Giving

If you are like us at Well Manager and want to power and support this movement to the absolute best of your ability, consider creating your own customizable web page, complete with a unique URL that can give your network an easy way to donate online.

It’s Well Manager’s promise to donate $100 for every Well Manager system sold. In addition to our product donation initiative, we will match any $100 donation from one of our customers at time of order. If you are interested in other ways Well Manager helps families save water, check out our home water storage systems which allow for accurate monitoring of water and pressure levels. We look forward to our partnership with Charity: Water and the continued support and promotion of accessible drinking water for all.

If you would like more information about this initiative, call us today at (800) 211-8070.

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